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Daniel Bryan hate

Hey Scott, I seem to remember a report a while back that Vince McMahon liked Daniel Bryan because he seemed like a legit tough guy, as opposed to someone like John Morrison, who just seemed like a pretty boy who looked good but didn't seem tough. So, my question is, who do you really think dislikes Bryan backstage, or doesn't see him as a true main eventer, if anyone, Vince, HHH, or Stephanie? Because, I don't know why Vince wouldn't want someone he liked, or felt seemed tough, to be on top.

I think you're confusing the storyline with the reality a bit.  They like Bryan just fine and in their minds they've elevated him with the storyline.  To them, it's not a punishment at all.  He got some main events while the real star was away, and now he can go back to being a B+ guy again in the midcard.