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I think Im cute, I know I'm injured...?

EDIT: I know some people get annoyed with "threadjacking" but I dont give a shit.  I like these topics because they truly interest me, but feel free to discuss whatever.

"What if" time.  Was gonna go with an old school WcW topic but with the recent whispers of a potential HBK return, Im very skeptical, I went with this one...

What if Shawn never takes "the casket bump" at Royal Rumble 98?  The whole wrestling landscape was about to change, the Austin era is about to be unleashed, the attitude era sperm that was implanted the previous year is about to mature, wwe ratings will slowly climb culminating to their first rating wins in December of that year.  How does Shawn play into all of this?  Things to consider...

- Does Shawn try and sabotage Austins impending run at the top, by doing Shawn like things?  If so, does Vince finally take a stand with Shawn by making him get clean, pushing him down the card, or just sending him home?

- Does Vince fully embrace the "changing of the guard" in terms of who was on top if Shawns hovering around?

- Does Shawn willingly lay down for the new guys wwe had brought...sorry couldn't get through that without laughing.

- Are the upcoming prominent roles guys like Foley, The Rock, Shamrock, HHH, reduced?  If so, to what extent?

- Was Shawn so beat up that he was going to have an injury or mental breakdown that would inevitably put him out of action anyway?

How does it all play out.  Go in whatever direction you like.

*Random topic: has anyone been watching Homeland?  Whats the fucking endgame with Brody?  Hes been essentially written off all year, has no relevance to the storyline direction theyre moving towards, and has been replaced by the Iranian guy.  Is he done as a character?  Was Dana moving out last night the first step in writing off the entire Broady family?

If you have one of these you want posted, email it to me.

Tootaloo motherfluckers