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Jesse Clarifies Vince’s Return

Jesse Baker sez…

Three scenarios:

1. he comes back pissed off that HHH and Steph aligned themselves with Randy fucking Orton, as far as Vince not forgiving Orton for all of the crap he pulled on the McMahons ages ago. Have Vince reveal that he was willing to accept say, Punk as HHH's corporate champion when he greenlighted HHH's plan but HHH secretly made his pact with Orton behind Vince's back, angering him mightily

2. they acknowledge how full of shit HHH is and how Orton is just a puppet for HHH to hide behind as he steals the spotlight from everyone AGAIN and we get Vince FINALLY acknowledging that HHH was never a "superstar" but some talentless hack who road the coattails of Shawn Micheals and who only has any standing in the company of note or value, because he fucked Steph and Steph begged daddy dearest to do his damnest to make HHH the face of the company even though he was a complete and total hack failure (which BTW might be the only way to turn Vince face, if he fucking says what we've all been saying about HHH to HHH's face on camera) and that he's fucking scorched earth everything (AGAIN) with his egomania and now Vince has to stop it for the sake of saving the WWE from HHH

3. the whole bullshit of him being against Bryan was a test to see how Bryan would react to facing down Vince and his unholy brood. However, HHH betrayed Vince by way of actually costing Bryan the belt and installing his own talentless handpuppet as champion and fucked over all of Vince's schemes.

The third scenario would also allow them to explain the Wyatts (they are working with Vince as his secret henchmen) AND fucking fix the bullshit they did with Kane, who is also working for Vince and will do unspeakable violence against HHH, Steph, and Orton to avenge Bryan and Vince when the time is right.

As for Brock and Undertaker; fuck both of them. Brock doesn't deserve a wrestlemania match and at this rate, they might as well give Undertaker a year off since the streak's been run into the ground and they might as well let the guy have a year off so it doesn't overshadow anyone else on the show this year.

I’m glad you remembered to have someone working as someone else’s secret henchmen, but points deducted for not having Cena turn heel somewhere here.


  1. Short form of National Socialist FYI.

    My guess-if the PO box numbers were reversed I suspect she was never involved.

  2. Makes sense. I'd rather Not-See Missy ever again

  3. Umm, Scott... these folks are pretty much the direct opposite of Nazis.

  4. At least it's an ethos.

  5. According to her Twitter she is "celebrating Hanukkah," so maybe she's not a Nazi

  6. How many times are you gonna post gossipy garbage without double checking your facts or at least getting a comment? You call yourself a journalist?

    I happen to be good friends with Missy, who is JEWISH. Whose entire family is JEWISH. Whose boyfriend and HIS entire family is JEWISH. Paul Heyman is JEWISH.

    You think maybe she wants to destroy herself and her entire family? hmmm....

    Do what they teach you the first day of communications school and check your facts.

    You have been pretty much the most unprofessional "journalist" i've seen in this industry. Not to mention you just steal most of your news from Meltzer anyway.

    I have no idea why any of these people even continue to read your crap.

  7. 1) Why does anyone give a damn what Miss Hyatt's political views are?
    2) Yes, the full name for the Nazi Party was the "National Socialist German Workers' Party".
    3) The German Nazi party was inherently anti-Semitic, but neither National Socialism nor Fascism (pretty much the same thing) are inherently anti-Semitic. Whether the American National Socialist Party is anti-Semitic I neither know nor care because they are about as irrelevant as Missy Hyatt herself.
    3) Not that most Americans understand the difference between socialism, national socialism, communism, fascism, and totalitarianism. Faux News says they're all the same so it must be true.

  8. So, to sum it up, u have no idea what ur talking about when it comes to American Socialists and we're supposed to care what ur opinion about Missy is?
    Ok, thanks for weighing in! <3


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