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Mr Perfect



If Warrior didn't leave before Survivor Series 1992, when was Mr Perfect supposed to come back?

He wasn't.  Hennig basically thought he was done and his return was a pretty desperate move by Vince to save the main event.  To the Observer-Mobile!
"While that match sounds hot as far as work quality, Hennig's back is certainly a question mark and Flair's doctor told him at least six weeks off just three weeks ago so he's a question. You've got to figure they'll probably both come through as far as a great performance on this show. Then you've got to ask at what cost? Hennig had a super match with Bret Hart at a Summer Slam when he was nowhere near 100 percent and after being out a few months with a bad back. But the end result of that super match and all those guts was being out of action for 15 months, and what would have been many months longer had the situation within the promotion not become so desperate. The Hennig turn on Prime Time was seen by very few because that's the lowest rated show the promotion has. The Fox special, plugging Warrior to be there, was seen by very many in comparison. This is really a test of doing a PPV show where everything originally planned out had to be thrown out. It should be noted the Hart-Michaels match was not in the original plans since the original plans had Flair as champion through this show. In fact, the cable ads that were still running as of this weekend still listed Flair as WWF champion."

Also, Wrestlemania 9, was Papa Shango going to feud with Warrior, then what was Sid going to do? Hogan was leaving, correct? Savage was with Flair?

Wrestlemania 8, you mean?  Yeah, you'd have Savage v. Flair, Warrior v. Papa Shango, and I presume Sid v. Undertaker because they were married on house shows after Wrestlemania.