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QOTD 55: Why be a king, when you can be a...

God. I've spent the last three days in a haze of Assassin's Creed IV and Eminem's MMLP2, and they're both curiously similar in that they're really *really* good, despite feeling a little...forced.

The thing with Eminem is that I think he's officially suffering from Everclear syndrome. Meaning that his music is at its best when his life really sucks, or his life previously sucked. There's an underlying angst and mischievous 'fuck the world' attitude to his best tunes.The same thing goes for Everclear or even Alanis Morrisette, when your musical identity is predicated on something raw, what happens when you're not raw anymore?

Making matters worse for Em, he's also dealing with MMLP2 being his first record since his 'come back' album, Recovery, which is probably the only album I know to explore the world of drug abuse and depression with more goofy puns than a Disney open-mic. Because of this, Eminem has completed the typical three act structure us humans are intimately familiar with: Rise, Fall, Redemption. Who remembers the fourth act?

I'll have a full review of the album (cause I wanna) later on, but until then, the question is:

Is it better to burn out or fade away? Are their artists you still listen too despite their creative peak being years ago? Do The Rolling Stones still feel *anything* after decades of playing the same...20 songs or so on tour? Who are you favorite artists that faded away, then came back?


Apologies for my absence, the middle of the week is nuts.