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QOTD 62: Whatcugot Whatchuneed?

When I lived in Wrigleyville in Chicago it was possible to pick pretty much any summer day, stroll over to Wrigley Field, talk to a fast talking salesman, and find yourself inside the half empty ballpark for a little over the price of two meals at a fast food restaurant.

The same thing seems to happen with NBA games in Boston, I waddle my ass over to the TD BankNorth Garden and there's a variety of people eager to lead you to an Ace Ticket hub where you haggle with some Lenny Clark looking dude over whether or not you wanna pay face value for those 40 dollar tickets on some random Wednesday.


What are your ticket scores? Free tickets? Great Deals? Ever sneak booze into a game or event? Didn't Jobber go to Bound for Glory for like, 2 dollars and a backrub? What's the most random thing you ever got tickets too?

I got stoned during a white-sox game once in the potty. It was a good time.