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QOTD 63: Here's to (no longer) absent friends.

Of all the people I've known in my life, I've been friends with the Donahue family since 2nd grade. They moved from California, I became friends with a kid named Brandon, and eventually his brother Bill. From roughly 2nd grade until...junior year of high-school I was a mainstay of the Donahue family, Bill being a gamer, and Brandon being a low-key guy who didn't really mind what we did.

But...Bill was kind of a unique character. He was a hardcore gamer, but also...not quite a shut in, but had some sort of mental thing going on where a job wasn't in his cards. Similarly he was a pretty dominant / rude personality when I was a kid, which I didn't appreciate, so we ended up falling out of contact.

I still hung out with Brandon, but Bill was kind of an auxillary character - he'd come out from his man cave and we'd blab about games while Brandon was trying to watch whatever it is we were watching, and it dawned on me, fuck, I should hang out with Bill again.

So I did. It's been two weeks (ish) and it's a good time. I'm older and less sensitive, he's older and more evened out, and we spent about 8 hours playing PS3 games I never got a chance to play, and listening to podcasts. It got me thinking.

Have you ever reconnected with friends from your past? How'd it go? Is there anyone you've been meaning to get in touch with, but haven't? Why haven't you? You should! Do it now! Tell us about it!