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Virgil vs Bret - My favorite match

> Long before he became a meme, Virgil was part of my favorite match from my childhood.I had watched his story progress (via renting old PPVs at Video Castle) and because of Roddy Piper's commentary, was a big fan of his. Every Monday after school my mother babysat a few of my classmates and we would watch "Superstars" on tape from the night before. We were so pumped to see a match between two... uh, WWF Superstars on tv that we actually made wagers on the match. I don't remember what I put up, but I know that I won the bet and won a Galoob Ric Flair figure from one of my pals. To this day my friend and I still get a laugh at his reasoning for betting on Virgil - Virgil's Russian Leg Sweep defeated opponents while Bret's didn't!
> Anyways, I don't have a link to the match or anything, my reason for emailing you was to ask if you (and the 'Doomers) had any matches like this i.e. matches that you loved from a pure mark standpoint.
> Long time, first time,
> Stipe

Of course. Roddy Piper v Adrian Adonis, Warrior crushing Honky Tonk Man, most of Lex Luger's output in the 80s and Steiner beating Rotundo for the TV title are all examples of matches with little redeeming value that I loved regardless.