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I share your hatred of WCW's booking, but

1. Do you hate them because of what they could have been?

2. Is Halloween Havoc 1998 the apex, ppv-wise? I think it all went downhill after but the show itself is the apex of the WCW/nWo storyline at its height for me.

1.  I have a complex relationship with WCW.  Given their talent roster and money supply they should have been a million times better and crushed the WWF, and they just never could.  But I never hated them.  Now ECW I hated.

2.  No, by then it was all multiple nWo factions and shit.  The day before Starrcade is the height for me, because we were all jazzed to see Sting v. Hogan and watch the nWo get what was coming to them, and by the time the show was over that dream was crushed.