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TCW Wrestling - Episode 13-47 Review

A slight delay due to a wrestling match with a bad cold. Still haven't missed a day of work in 2013. But I may have infected everyone else.

First, where to find the show in your area:

Here's the full episode, in case you feel like playing along:

From the Vicksburg City Auditorium, in Vicksburg, MS. In the ring are your hosts Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson. They run down this week's show.

The main event will be John Saxon vs. Steve Anthony in a Lumberjack Match. "King" Shane Williams will take on "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony. The TCW Tag Team Champions, The Hounds of Hell go up against The Magic Men in a non-title match. Finally, the TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship is on the line when the champion Kincaid defends against Americos, in a rematch from a few weeks ago. Roll the intro!

Backstage, Boyd Bradford and The Hounds of Hell arrive. Bradford tells them to go relax before their match tonight. When the Hounds leave, Genetic Perfection and their manager, Rich Rude, grab Bradford and beat the tar out of him off camera, then hightail it. The Hounds come back to find Bradford out cold, and they are ANGRY, as evidenced by Cerebus' GROWL OF RAGE!

Match #1 - "King" Shane Williams vs. "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony.  Joined in progress, with Anthony choking out Williams on the floor with a t-shirt. In the ring now, Anthony slams Shane's hand into the mat, as Shane is selling an injury to it. Now a series of left jabs, but Shane attempts a comeback, which is stopped by a shot to the injured hand. Anthony drags Shane to the stairs and slams the injured hand into them. Anthony locks up the bad hand in a wristlock. After a few minutes of that, Shane tries a comeback with lefts and a sunset flip, but Anthony sits on him, and gets 2. Another comeback by Shane, and Anthony backs into the corner. Some kicks from Shane, but Anthony reverses him into the corner and lays in some chops, then a biel by the hair. That gets 2. Things slow down again with another wristlock. Anthony tries to power Shane's shoulders down for a series of 2's. Another comeback by Shane is stopped by a shot to the bad hand. But Shane comes back with more lefts, and a leg lariat. Shane PLANTS Anthony with a tornado DDT for 2! Whip to the corner is reversed, Shane goes up and over, but Anthony crotches him with a right hand. To the top...the VERY top. SUPERPLEX by Anthony! Both guys down, with Anthony finally crawling over and getting a 2! Back suplex attempt by Anthony, but Shane shifts the weight and falls on top. 1...2...kick out. BIG clothesline from Anthony gets the 360 sell from Shane. Cover. 1...2...kick out. To the corner for some chops by Anthony. Whip to the opposite corner, Shane tries to go up and over Anthony but he's caught. Anthony looks like he's attempting an Alabama Slam, but Shane reverses into a....a PILEDRIVER!!! It's not banned here, baby! Shane covers...1...2...3! (10:11 shown)

WINNER: Shane Williams. This match started slowly with a some restholds and a lot of punching. These guys hit some crisp moves on each other toward the end, and I loves me some piledriver! This gets **1/2.

The announcers recap what happened to Boyd Bradford at the top of the show. What's funny is that they are yelling at each other in typical heel/face announcer fashion, but then immediately shift into serious mode to shill the main event.

Jason Jones in the ring to interview Sigmon concerning his submission match with Vordell Walker next week. Sigmon is sick and tired of having to prove to the people that he is a winner. Apparently, every major match he has been in recently, he hasn't lost. In their match a few weeks ago, he had Walker's shoulder pinned to the mat (see: double pin, aka Dusty Finish). That makes him a winner, and Vordell a loser. Jason Jones says that he may not have lost those matches, but he didn't really win them either, so how can he call himself a winner? Sigmon takes the mic to say something but instead he CLOCKS Jones with it. INTERVIEWER BEATDOWN! He hooks in the Winner's Circle (Rings of Saturn). Play-by-play guy Matt Rhodes is concerned for his "Beef Brother" and is calling for some help. Sigmon lets him go, and Rhodes goes to check on him as help arrives.
The interviewer beatdown is always a classic heel move for me, but Sigmon needs a new gimmick other than distinguishing between "winner/loser".

Match #2 - The Magic Men (Nico and Dallas) vs. TCW Tag Team Champions The Hounds of Hell (Cerebus and Roosevelt) - Non-title match.

The Magic Men are basically male strippers. Kind of a lame babyface gimmick if you ask me. The Hounds attack at the bell. Nico is tossed outside, leaving Dallas in the ring with Cerebus. To the corner, and Roosevelt tagged in. Some biting from Roosevelt. Whip off the ropes, but Dallas blocks a hip toss, but Roosevelt hits a nice belly-to-belly suplex. Cerebus back in with a knee drop coming off the ropes. Dalls trying a comeback, and they're in the corner. Whip, reversed by Cerebus, and he gets Dallas into a HELICOPTER SPIN and releases him in mid-air. Roosevelt back in, and we have a headlock rest spot. Roosevelt off the ropes with a knee lift. Tag to Cerebus and they double team bite the guy. Some short arm clotheslines from Cerebus, as this heat sequence is taking quite a while. Roosevelt back in. He chokes Dallas on the bottom rope. False tag from the heels missed by the ref...or course. Dallas trying to come back, and hits a hurracanrana, and both guys are down. Cerebus going for a back suplex but Dallas floats over, shoves Cerebus into the face corner for a shot from Nico, and there's the HOT TAG! Nico with a headscissors. Then a spinebuster. Heel miscommunication puts Cerebus down, and Nico climbs the corner and hits a pretty nice springboard moonsault. That gets 2 before Cerebus breaks it up. Dallas in for a double stomp to the back of Cerebus. Nico with an F-5 on Cerebus. Nico then crashes to the floor on a dive attempt to the outside. Dallas on the top, but Roosevelt pulls Cerebus out of the path of a 450 splash, and Dallas splats! The Hounds recover and hit their double team finisher on Dallas (Cerebus puts the guy over his shoulder hangman style, and Roosevelt comes off the top with an axehandle, dropping the guy to the mat). 1...2...3. (7:21)

WINNERS: The Hounds of Hell. I like Cerebus, as he has some good power moves. The Magic Men are a team that have some potential as high flyers. This match was pretty solid, although it seemed more like an extended squash, with some token babyface offense. **1/2

Cut to The Hounds on the stick. They want revenge on Genetic Perfection. They threaten some face eating, which is definitely a cool monster heel catchphrase. They are so angry for the attack on Boyd Bradford that they renege on their "no title rematch" from last week, and put the titles on the line as bait for their revenge. Cerebus is defintely the guy on this team who can get over as a scary heel.

Match #3 - Americos vs. Kincaid (c) - TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Lock up, side headlock from Kincaid leads to a series of reversals into a an anklelock by Kincaid that Americos flips out of. Whip to the corner, charge by Kincaid meets boot and Americos clotheslines him to the floor, and then follows up with a dive to the outside that hits. We take a break, and when we come back, we're in the ring, where Americos charges the corner and hits post as Kincaid moves. Both men on the apron, where Kincaid whips him to the corner post, and as Americos comes back, Kincaid BACK BODYDROPS Americos to the apron. Yikes! Americos falls to the floor, as the referee begins the slow 10 count. Americos rolls back in, Kincaid covers for 2. Waistlock by Kincaid, and Americos elbows out. Americos runs the ropes but Kincaid follows him and springboards into a clothesline to take Americos down. Cover...1...2...kick out! Whip by Kincaid, but Americos plants him with a tornado DDT! 1...2...kick out! Kincaid attempts the Wheelbarrow, and turns it into what looks like an abdominal stretch but then he drops to his knees with Americos in the stretch. It was interesting looking and I don't know what to call it, but it looked cool. Kincaid going to the top, and the double stomp misses. A series of reversal attempts leads to Americos rolling up Kincaid a la British Bulldog at Summerslam 92. 1...2...3! (4:41). New champ! Kincaid lays out Americos after the match.

WINNER: And NEW TCW Junior Heavyweight Champion, Americos. It was fast paced from the get go, but the match was far too short for what these guys are capable of. A clean finish is good, and I feel Kincaid is a very innovative performer. He carries Americos to a ***. But these two can do more.

Match #4 - John Saxon vs. Steve Anthony - Lumberjack Match. Your lumberjacks are Scott Phoenix, Genetic Perfection, Shane Williams, Americos, The Hounds of Hell, Greg Anthony, Matt Riviera, and the TCW Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm. Not sure I like the idea of your champ being "just another lumberjack" down there at ringside. Anthony rushes the ring, and the match starts with a fight. Saxon dumps Anthony in front of the faces on the floor, and they roll Anthony back in the ring. Saxon whips Anthony to the corner, but a charge hits elbow. Anthony to the middle rope, but is pulled down by Saxon. Anthony rolls out to the heel side to recover. Saxon hits a plancha to the floor! Back in, and Anthony is begging off. Saxon takes Anthony to the corner for some kicks. Anthony's head hits a buckle, and then another. A third one has Anthony doing the Curt Hennig sell job. Cover for 1. Saxon in control with punches and chops. Whip is reversed by Anthony, leading to series of roll up attempts. Saxon with an anklelock! Anthony rolls through and Saxon is out to the heel side, where the beatdown commences. Saxon is rolled back in, and Anthony hits some knee drops. Cover for 2. Suplex by Anthony and he does some posing. A Dusty elbow gets 2. We take a break, and come back with Anthony still in control. Curb stomp for Anthony. To the corner for some high kicks from Anthony. Whip, and a charge hits boot. Saxon hits a nice overhead belly-to-belly, hurling Anthony into the corner! Saxon is off the ropes, but Tim Storm grabs the ankle to trip up Saxon. Now Anthony is off the top with a flying clothesline! Cover...1...2...kick out! Anthony hits a uranage, then goes to the top. Splash from the top misses! Saxon hits some clotheslines then a back bodydrop. Tiger Driver for Saxon! 1...2...kick out. Cloverleaf attempt is reversed into a small package for Anthony, and that gets 2. Saxon hits a T-Bone suplex! Anthony pops up and no sells it, however, and hits a superkick that wobbles Saxon. German suplex with a bridge. 1...2...kick out! Dang! Anthony just hurls Saxon to the heels for the beatdown, and now here's your lumberjack brawl! Saxon and Anthony are back in the ring. Corner splash by Anthony misses, and Saxon comes back with the Facewash. Now Saxon goes for the cloverleaf! Tim Storm and Scott Phoenix are in the ring now, and it's just breaking down. The referee is calling for the bell. (10:25) WE'RE OUT OF TIME!

WINNER: None. The referee calls it a double disqualification. I tell you, they had me again. These guys pulled out all the stops and hit some big moves. I enjoyed this match immensely....and then they pull out the double DQ. Clean finishes, please! Hopefully, this leads to a rematch between the two, because I saw some good chemistry. Give this ***1/2. If it has a finish, it probably gets four plus.

Solid show once again. Every week, these guys work their asses off. The booking is the problem. You get the old fashioned Dusty finish almost every week. But, that complaint aside, why wouldn't you watch this show? WRESTLING!