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TLC Week at Place to Be Nation

Big week at Place to Be Nation as we head into TLC tonight. We'll have a live blog and also wanted to share these pieces with your site. Thanks!

With the brand split over, we look back at our favorite title reigns from the era:

We take a chronological look at the history of champion vs. champion and unification matches:

Scott previews TLC and gives his predictions for the show:

The Place to Be Podcast previews the show in their latest Headlines podcast:

We put up Justin and Scott's original match reviews for the Vengeance 2001 unification matches:

A look at the history of the John Cena and Randy Orton rivalry:

We've got a bunch of other cool stuff up also:

Best games of the past console generation:

We re-book the college BCS with a four-team playoff, starting in 1998:

Top picks for the new comic releases on 12/18:

Hard Traveling Fanboys count down their favorite Big Event comics:

You can also catch all the great podcasts at Place to Be Nation right through:

Thanks again Scott!