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WWF Tuesday Night Titans: July 19th, 1985

July 19th, 1985

Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Vince McMahon

This week’s guests include Freddie Blassie, Rick McGraw, and Pedro Morales. Also, “Macho Man” Randy Savage will have all of the managers in the WWF make their pitch to him.

Blassie is the first guest. He is pissed that his team had the Tag Team Titles “stolen” from them. We are shown the clip of the match as Blassie points out how the count was fast and Lord Alfred and Vince actually agree with him. Vince then brings up how at one point the referee was out of position when his man was being pinned and Blassie goes off on a politically incorrect tirade about the referee not being able to count past two due to the fact that he is Puerto Rican and a midget. He also thinks that he should be officiating the women instead of championship matches. Blassie then says that he will get the titles back as Vince shows us some photos in the WWF Magazine from a music video shoot as an attempt to show us how he and his men were not training but in reality, it was Vince showing the public that his wrestlers were crossing over into the mainstream. Blassie said that the made a lot of money and Vince says that he will be back later on the show making his pitch to Randy Savage. Blassie is usually funny (and racist) on TNT and this was no exception.

Rick McGraw is the next guest. He is geeked out of his mind right now, with his jaw grinding all over the place. Vince puts over McGraw for his “never say die” attitude and tells us how he will be getting married shortly. Sadly, McGraw would pass away in a few months. We are shown a clip of his match against Brett Hart from the May 20th house show at MSG. After that, Hayes pleads with McGraw not to get married. McGraw is a fucking mess as this is going on, as he is barely able to speak coherently. Vince then welcomes Opheila, who married Butcher Vachon on TNT last year. She also tells McGraw not to get married and said that the only clothes that she had is her gown and veil, which she is wearing, and that her honeymoon was spent as a “wrestling camp.” Opheila is actually a bit funny here and names off a bunch of wacky wrestling moves that Chris Jericho would have been proud to have read off of his scroll back in WCW. This ends uneventfully. McGraw has to be seen to be believed here. The guy was a wreck.

Randy Savage is out next. He says that he will be the next WWF Heavyweight Champion and guarantees victory over Hulk Hogan. They then show a clip of his WWF TV debut. After that, he continues to guarantee that he will take Hogan’s Title and loves the fact that the managers will be joining the set to make their pitch. Savage was fucking great the minute he debuted with the company.

Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, and Freddie Blassie come out. They will each make an offer to Savage. They all start fighting with each other, pointing out their recent mistakes. Heenan starts and says that he will make more money and wear better clothes. Savage is impressed with his pitch. Hart says that he will not only make Savage money, but save his money and notes that he has his own clothes made in Memphis, prompting Heenan to joke about Hart getting clothes at K-Mart. Hart continues to tell Savage to save his money. Blassie tells Savage he is the only one on the panel that has managed a champion and gave give him diamonds and walking around money, pulling out a stack of cash. He then says that he will up any offer by 25% and will not take a penny until he wins the belt. It ends with the managers all trying to plead Savage to sign with them.

Pedro Morales is the next guest. Vince puts him over for holding all three titles (Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and Tag Team) then we are shown a clip of him in a TV squash. He then talks briefly about the big matches in his career but his voice is incredibly monotone and soft that you just want to fall asleep. A waste of time. Morales was absolutely dreadful during this run.

Freddie Blassie and Jimmy Hart join the set. Vince brings up both men were insulting each other but they just blame Vince and Heenan for what was said earlier. They talk about the “Manager of the Year” award as each man believes that they will win. Vince then says that next week’s guest will be a late entry for the award, which has them worried.

Next week’s guests include Tito Santana, Terry Funk, Uncle Elmer and the newest entrant for the “Manager of the Year” Award, Hillbilly Jim. After Jim is mentioned, Hart and Blassie start to laugh hysterically. It was pretty damn funny to watch them crack up.

Final Thoughts: The Savage and Blassie stuff was fun. Watching McGraw fucked up out of his mind was something else too. This episode was good though, as it continued the angle of Savage being the hottest free agent in wrestling, which was refreshing.