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A+ Match (Card) of the Day

Happy Saturday B O'Ders, getting down to crunch time with these Rumbles and that means that some will be harder to fine than others.

I could not find a match only version of the 1991 Rumble so, in the words of Rob Van Dam, you get the whole f'n show.

There's plenty of goodness on this card with the Rockers and old Bad Company going ****+ stars, the shock value of Slaughter winning the title off of Warrior and of course Virgil standing up for himself against DiBiase.

As for the Rumble, it had a lot of guys go for extended periods. Rick Martel went over 45-50 minutes, Valentine goes over 40 minutes, Santana, Hercules and Bulldog all go over 30 minutes. Even some dude named Shane Douglas has an extended stretch in this match.

Comment on the individual matches or the Rumble. The world is yours!


  1. As much as people (rightly) razz Virgil, if all you had to go off of was this show, you would've assumed he was going to be the next thing. That ovation is crazy. I actually re-watch that segment once or twice a year.

  2. It's probably not in this version of the Rumble '91 release, but you have to feel for Koko B. Ware and Jacques Rougeau. Thrown out there in front of the most deflated crowd possible, having to fill 10-minutes while everyone gets over the fact that, yes, Sgt. Slaughter just won the WWF Title from Warrior. The crowd thankfully came back to life for Virgil's inevitable face turn.

  3. If Rowdy Roddy Piper did cocaine would anyone notice a difference? That man's excitement doesn't go to 11 - it's stuck there!

  4. Gorilla Wisdom: "A pat on the back is only 18 inches from a kick in the pants."

  5. Probably because of the cocaine he was doing.

  6. And almost as soon as that SummerSlam match with DiBiase was over, Virgil was relegated to Jobber to the Stars status. There really wasn't much else he could do that would pop the crowd the way the Royal Rumble match did.


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