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Blog question


So Batista's big comeback draws a huge number. I (along with many others, apparently) found the show and return to be the same dull, uninspired bullshit like usual. 

So, knowing those two things, I'll ask simply: Is it over for us?

You should watch NXT.  It's awesome, except for when they're WWE-ing it up with crap like booking matches for a live show a month in advance via HHH video cut-in.  


  1. It was a bit rubbish, but a pessimistic to say its all over

  2. " same dull, uninspired bullshit like usual. "

    Seriously? This entire blog was all over themselves about how great Raw was (and how smart Vinnie Mac is!) the week before when Bryan did his thing and turned against the Wyatts. Now it's back to bullshit? Boy, tough crowd.

  3. It's been over since CM Punk started feuding with Kevin Nash in 2011.


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