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Bulldog in Rumbles

Hey Scott,

Bothering you again with another email. It's fairly well documented that Davey Boy was about as roided as one could get. How was he able to carry the mid 90s Rumbles, let alone be such a reliable worker prior to the trapdoor incident? I can't recall anyone who put on such massive bulk AND kept his endurance. Sure you can recall tons of guys who got caught with the juice like {insert advanced warning} (name censored) and Eddie. But for pure size, no one kept up the work rate like Davey.

Bret Hart certainly seems to strongly disagree with that, but Davey was really kind of a freak.  You might even say he's, we're not going there.  

That being said, the steroids killed him really young, so all the extra workload on his heart wasn't exactly going unpunished on his part.  However, if you compare his work in the 80s with the Bulldogs to how slow and deliberate he got in the 90s, you can see things taking their toll on him.  Plus the Rumble has lots of shortcuts and disguises built in.