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Highspots Presents: Brian Kendrick and Paul London's Excellent Adventures, Disc Two

This is the second and final disc of the shoot. It runs for one hour and forty-seven minutes.

If you have not read the recap for Disc One yet, click on the link below.

They are asked memories of their four-way ladder match at the Armageddon PPV against MNM, Hardy Boyz, and Regal & Taylor. Kendrick said he was supposed to perform the Sliced Bread off the ladder but was petrified and did not perform the move. London said that they were not informed that it was going to be a four-way match until a few days before the PPV. They both said they had no idea Mercury got his face sliced open as during the match, they were busy and just noticed that someone was missing. London talks about how most ladder matches are structured as a spotty match but when it involves grabbing a title, it becomes a lot more realistic instead of performing crazy spots to get a pop from the crowd.

When asked why there wasn't a rematch when it was announced, Kendrick said that it is all on a whim and everything changes daily as London said he heard that Vince saw him all over the show and nixed that. London said that they would try to talk to the writers and ask where the angles are going and they would blow them off. Once, they asked Dave Lagana about where they were going, referencing them as the champions, as Lagana told them he was going to Taco Bell. London calls Lagana a "faggot" then hints that he got fired for sexually harassing Mordecai, which seemed to be in a joking manner but who knows for sure.

Kendrick is asked about making it to the top of the WWE. He said he is a stubborn person and you have to put up with a lot of bullshit to get to the top but if you stick around long enough, you can make it provided that you have talent. London jokes that in the WWE, the jizz rises to the top and if you can nut on the bosses face, you can cement yourself on the "bearskin rug" roster.

They are asked about working with MNM. Kendrick recalls while in developmental in Memphis he did a spot with Bobby Eaton when he gave him a hurricarana off of the apron to the floor and someone apparently told the office about the spot and Eaton got fired and guys were blaming Kendrick for getting him fired, especially Mercury. Anyway, Kendrick talks about how Mercury is good as schmoozing to people that will get him ahead and tells a story of an office working telling them that they overheard Mercury telling Deuce & Domino not to bump for them. Kendrick then approached Mercury at a bar and asked him about what he heard and Mercury said that he didnt remember because he was on a lot of pills at the time and told Kendrick that he will just say that he did say it, which had Kendrick question as to why you would admit to something that you do not remember doing. Kendrick said he likes Nitro but he has no spine. London talks about how Mercury was nice to him in RoH but different when he got to the WWE as they were the hot team then he was banging Mickie James so he thought that he was the man then London bringing up her pictures and how everyone has seen them which leads to Kendrick interrupting to tell a story of how Batista put up those pictures all over the locker room once and how it was the funniest thing. Anyway, they talk about Mercury blaming drugs for his behavior rather than taking responsibility for his actions.

Now, Kendrick talks about the Hardy Boyz. He likes them both and says that he originally had a bad feeling about Matt but after he was invited to his house, he said he was nothing but gratious and has drank and partied with them many times.

London talks about his history with the Hardy Boyz. Growing up, he really loved what they did in the ring and gives them credit for creating a following. Getting into the WWE, he had a series of dark matches and his last one was with Matt, who gave him a lot of offense, even hitting him with his finisher twice. He talks about how while sitting at a casino, he got "mauled" by Ashley Massaro and ended up getting into a relationship. He barely even knew about her relationship with Matt but knew they were over. At that point, London said his confidence was shot at the time due to his standing in the company and Ashley won the Diva's contest and he was starting to get a little bit of attention. As it went along, London realized that there was a lot of feelings between Ashley and Matt and London said it led to a stupid love triangle. He goes on about how he believes that if people are no longer in a relationship, then they should be able to date whoever they want and then talks about how he wasnt going to be like Johnny Nitro and let Batsita bang his girlfriend without saying something to him. London said Ashley would tell him all of these horrible things he did to her and London said he didnt want to judge Matt based off of that and thinks that Ashley might have possibly lied to him about her standing with Matt and he said that she was leading him around. London said that he went to both of them and said he wanted them out of his life. From that, London said he was thinking of all he heard about Matt and couldnt believe that no one could see right through him.

He then talks about Jeff Hardy and how they had an awesome ladder match in Mexico City. Thy day before, he got a black eye after Holly hit him during a match but London said he loves Bob and didnt care and Bob liked him because he didnt bitch about it leading London to say "this isn't ballet." The match came about after Kendrick hurt his foot. Anyway, Kendrick interrupts and said how awesome the match was with tons of nearfalls and crazy stuff and when they got backstage, Dean Malenko told them that it could have been more sudden, leading Kendrick to ask him what was wrong with the match and it leads to Kendrick talks about how nothing was wrong with the match and some people just want to critique others to justify their job. They both talk about how he just has "it" and is insanely over. London closes by stating the Hardy Boyz are a legendary tag team.

In regards to Haas & Benjamin, they both liked them and would like to see them in TNA, where Kendrick was at the time of this shoot. London liked them but said that they took their collegiate accolades a little too seriously at times but had fun working with both of them. They both talk about how Haas is very intesne and how he could rip your arm off during an arm drag.

They now talk about Cade & Murdoch. Kendrick describes a "slapping" incident with Murdoch during a match. They said that Murdoch did a lot of "fat guy" chops, which is when you slap guys on the back and chest but not delivered in the traditional manner. Anyway, Murdoch did that to Kendrick without warning and he was livid and told him he was going to slap in in the face after the match and he did it on TV again then Kendrick started to slap them in the face. He likes them both though and had them over his house. London said that they lobbied to work with them and Kendrick said that Murdoch told them thanks for keeping the belts warm while in South Africa. They close by stating they were both safe in the ring and fun to work with.

Now, they discuss the time they got pedigreed by HHH on RAW. They ran in to save HHH from Cade & Murdoch and when they cleared the ring, HHH went to shake their hands but instead kicked them and they both got the pedigree. Before that happened, HHH approached then backstage and said it is from the office and not himself, stating it was from Kevin Dunn. Anyway, they both asked if they were going to get any sort of chance for revenge and they got blown off, with both guys saying they ended up looking like pussies. London then takes the opportunity to make HHH jokes about him sucking the cocks of the McMahons.

When discussing the Undertaker, London said you saw the good Undertaker and then he would do stuff that you would shake your head at, like being dragged out of your room at 3am in Australia to look at the veterans hold "Wrestlers Court" to watch Undertaker to act like Judge Judy. Kendrick said that they worked with MNM all tour and did great then had to go down and watch their valet, Melina, get put on trial for not shaking hands in the women's locker room. They were all forced to bet as to how long it takes her to cry and London ended up winning. Kendrick said that guys would act differently around Taker and those who you thought were your friends would tell him gossip and rat out guys in an attempt to get ahead. Thy both said that Taker seemed to relish that position.

London talks more about Taker, stating he is not a fan of those who wear their own merchandise and drive around town with "Dead Man" on their license plate.

They both love Randy Orton, with London saying that he could be a crossover star into entertainment. He calls him a flawless performer and that the agents love him too. They also had a lot of good times with him too. They then tell a story of how they were in South Africa, they nearly pissed on the band Air Supply from the balcony. London said that despite the fact the office hated him, he always got great accomodations when they traveled to foreign countries and on this occasion, got an awesome suite. He thinks it was due to his name being a bit similar to Paul Levesque. Anyway, they were in the suite with Cade, Murdoch, Orton, and Robbie McAllister, who they both thought was "cool as shit." They look out the window and saw John Cena with a lot of other top guys sitting at the pool area. He said they were both "mentally elevated" at the time and Kendrick thought it would be funny to piss on Cena, because he might think it was funny and he said he bought his rap album at the time and thought it was awful. They both love Cena by the way. When Kendrick went to piss, the wind carried it over and they were told it hit the band but Kendrick ended up pissing all over hotel management.

Both guys also love Batista, saying he is super-jacked and cool. Kendrick says his motorcycle was great as London talks about how he would throw parties when they wrestled in Washington D.C. and pick up everyone's tab as Kendrick said he always did that. Kendrick said that Cena and Orton picked up tabs too and realized that they made a lot more money than the undercard and appreciated them. London mentions how Benoit would pick up tabs for them as both guys said they liked him.

London tells another Benoit story. He was with Benoit and Jamie Noble in Buffalo and Chris was hungry so they pulled over at a Hooters. It was 11:30pm and they were getting ready to close and as they were shutting the door, Benoit stuck his foot in and asked if they were open. Anyway, they sat down and a table near them were being loud and disrespectful to the waitress so Benoit told London that he should go over and say something to them. He went over and told him to keep it down and how they were irritating his friend. The guys told London to bring his friend over to them but after a minute they stopped. They leave and approach them to say they were sorry and they recognize Benoit and when one of the guys went to put his hand on his shoulder, Benoit told him to get his fucking hand off of him. After the waitress thanked London and took their order, Benoit told him that the "seeds were planted" and that he could now go fuck her.

London tells another story of how Benoit told him that he and Kendrick were the future of the business and London said that no matter how shitty they were treated by the office, it was worth it to have respect from guys like Benoit, who they admired.

Neither guy was surprised that Benoit snapped and murdered himself and his family. Kendrick said the day they were told, they had an idea something happened and when the news was broke, Matt Stryker apparently cried and wailed loudly. London said that a few weeks before the murders, Benoit called London, who was in a funk at the time when he came back from injury and was having bad marches. He said that he wanted to check on him. Kendrick said that Benoit loved the bible and how all of the crazies love the bible.

London is asked about memories of teaming with Billy Kidman. He said that he was a fan of his when he wrestled in WCW. He felt that Kidman wasnt really into the team and would bury him when they were in the locker room but not when they were alone. London said that he got fed up when Kidman when they feuded with the Dudley Boyz and he never stood up for him. He said that Bubba had an issue with him and was trying to test him and would whip him with a belt buckle without telling him before hand, even when the cameras were not rolling, prompting Kendrick to say that is low. London called Bubba a pussy and a baby then says that he stiffed him in a house show in Canada and he rolled outside and stayed their the rest of the match and backstage, he asked Bubba what happened and that led to Kidman actually sticking up for him when he told Bubba that he probably meant to stiff him in the ring .London then tells a story when he they were supposed to get the belts from the Dudley's, Fit Finlay approached them backstage and told him how they saw the Dudley's camping outside of Vince's office and Fit asked them if they were gonig to change the finish of the match and they said no before shrugging their shoulders and walking away.  They tell a story of how London hit a shooting star during a house show in MSG with Kidman getting upset over him stealing his shooting star press, despite the fact that he stopped using the move at the time, in the gorilla position.

London tells another story of how Bubba was a dick. Over in Italy, London said he was with Rene Dupree and they took a walk as they were both down about their standing in the company and when they came back to the locker room, Bubba was trying to bury him and he stood up for himself, which had the Undertaker come up to him and tell him how he handled himself well in the locker room.

Kendrick talks about his time in TNA at the moment. He said he is there for a week and if that isnt enough, he can go to other independents too. Kendrick said that he wants to take the X Division away from "car crash" style of matches. When he arrived, he was placed in a multi-man match and the agent told them to have a "car crash, video game-style" match. Kendrick said he isnt a video game wrestler but was able to wrestle the style he wanted and he is able to put his word in a little, more so than in the WWE.

Both guys talk about how they never did steroids and that was the one thing Kendrick's mother promised him when he started in wrestling. London talks about how guys gooverboard on steroids and it makes them useless in the ring. He said that Carlito was all gassed up one time and tore his pec taking a simple move because he was so jacked up.

They are now asked about Vince McMahon. Kendrick said he had limited interactions with him but would give him the time when he had to meet with him. London says that Vince is close-minded and stuck in time and only remembers one time in which he felt like he didnt hate him and that was while waiting in Gorilla, Vince told him he liekd his beard and asked why his partner did not have one. London then talks about how it is disgusting to watch people lay down and give away all of their power to him. Kendrick talks about how Vince created what he loved but does not want to spend another day in the WWE, no matter how much the money. He says he knew it was his fault for being a pain in the ass and smoking weed and one day he got fired. He does not regret it but he was mad and it was tough to explain to his wife and would rather work at Home Depot.

They are asked what led to the team splitting up. They had been going nowhere and knew they were fucked and not going to move up the card, despite the fact that they were perfect for each other. They talked about trying to be called "The Hooligans" but the office said no because no one would know who they were when they split up.

London talks about how the WWE do not always know what their fans want and how they are a bastard child of entertainment, no matter how hard he tries to get into Hollywood. He then said that Vince is in the business to create stars.

Both guys talk about Rene Dupree. They both say he is hilarious. London tells a story of how Rene was lactacting once while he was on the juice. He then tells another story of how he filled his hotel bathtub with vomit after the video game challenge at WrestleMania weekend in Chicago when he had a ton of sweet potato fries at the buffet afterwards.

They talk about guys they were friends with. London said he was friends with Carlito in OVW but that he changed a lot when he got called up to the main roster, thinking that he was a lot bigger star than he really was. Knedrick calls Santino the funniest guy on the planet that he knows.

Kendrick is now asked about how his "The Brian Kendrick" character got created. He said that he pitched it to the boss and it came time for him to debut. He had new gear that his wife made and a promo. However, Michael Hayes wanted him to use a promo that he created and wear his old gear. Kendrick ended up changing into his new outfit and HHH liked it so he told that to Hayes who wanted Kendrick to get the OK from Vince. He didnt care but Hayes didnt like his promo so Hayes rearranged it and when he gave that promo to Vince, he hated it and asked him if he wrote it and Kendrick said no and gave him the promo he created and Vince loved it and told him that he should add "The" to his name. Ezekiel Jackson was added when Kendrick was working a match against Dolph Ziggler, who he said is extremely talented. Ziggler had Rob Terry as his valet at the time and during the match, Terry kept missing his cues as Kendrick was livid. They kept changing the finishes and Kendrick went backstage and nearly knocked over Steamboat by accident and started to flip out, stating that if he can make the guys he had been facing look good that he could do the same for HHH. Hayes went over to talk with him as he was threatening to quit as he went off on a tangent about putting over shitty guys like the Gymini and Deuce as Johnny Ace approached him and said they would talk to Vince. As Kendrick is waiting in front of his office, Ace sees him then walks the other way and disappears as he is by himself with Vince. He tells Vince that he is ready to quit and if he can make shitty wrestlers look good, imagine how he could make the top guys look. Shortly after that, Ace told him that he was fired and could help him get into Japan, which he said he didnt need.

They talk about Mark Henry for a second and Kendrick said that Henry threw his bachelor party for him. London said that Henry would look at porn and take out the centerfold in the locker rooms and even on airplanes.

Both guys are asked about Bryan Danielson signing with the WWE and how he will fare. Kendrick tells a story of how he cut a promo while still in the WWE and was cutting a promo about finding the perfect tag team partner but his microphone got cut off and he was livid. Originally, Kendrick pitched the idea to the WWE that Danielson be his partner but Brian Gewirtz and Johnny Ace couldnt come to an understanding and it never happened. They both say he is awesome as London calls him a positive person and that he should go to the WWE and experience it for himself instead of hearing people who were unhappy when they left.

London is asked about being in PWG. He said that everyone was nice to him and he felt appreciated. He is asked about the hybrid dolphins and said that he spend the day on the beach eating pizza an seeing the mammals and dolphins in the water then had a shitty match and was asked to come back and cut a promo, as he was high as a kite. He then came up with the idea then.

The interview closes with Kendrick talking about 9/11 conspiracy theories an states that it was the result of holograms, with London looking at him like he was an idiot.

Final Thoughts: A highly entertaining disc. Lots of funny stories sprinkled in with some insight. I will say that Kendrick comes off as being a lot more responsible for his actions than London, who does seemingly go into blame mode at times. Then again, it was known that London was not exactly in a mentally stable place during this time. It also didnt help him that he was extremely fucked up during this interview.

I will say that the interviewer was completely useless. He did not make any attempts to reign them in when they went off track. He also never challenged London on why he cracked up during the segment when Vince McMahon walked past the entire locker room en route to his limo. London himself had been rumored to have a lot of issues during his time that had been reported such as going out and doing promos that were not approved by the office and asking for time off.

I recommend this shoot though. Lots of funny stories were told and it gave a good glimpse into the atmosphere and locker room of the WWE during its run. This shoot also spawned several other shoot-style pieces by Paul London as well as a sequel. In the sequel, London is only drinking coffee and both guys come off as somewhat apologetic from this video.


  1. Your_Favourite_LoserJanuary 31, 2014 at 12:45 PM


    i was listening to this last night and on the way to work this morning, and i've decided that this is your official entrance theme

  2. Hey Bayless, I might have to pull creative control on the poll. Luger winning doesn't work for me, brother.

  3. I've off all day so have been watching some old school punk stuff. Any suggestions for non wwe punk matches that are worth checking out. Seems some of his better ROH work but it was awhile ago

  4. "it was worth it to have respect from guys like Benoit, who they admired.

    Neither guy was surprised that Benoit snapped and murdered himself and his family."


  5. Punk vs. Samoa Joe II. Best match of their trilogy, for sure a Top 5 Punk match ever

  6. Your_Favourite_LoserJanuary 31, 2014 at 1:37 PM

    i hear that his tna run is available on youtube...

  7. I can't upvote this enough. Just voted for Outsiders but Luger was winning 49-14-14. It's a squash

  8. It's a shoot, brother.

  9. Wonder if they held back talking more shit on Taker?

  10. "London tells another story of how Benoit told him that he and Kendrick were the future of the business and London said that no matter how shitty they were treated by the office, it was worth it to have respect from guys like Benoit, who they admired.

    Neither guy was surprised that Benoit snapped and murdered himself and his family. "

    I know that this was written below already, but this could not have been a funnier transcription. Nice work. I am still laughing now re-reading it!

  11. We never hear from Luger. There's only so many times I can listen to Kevin Nash, one of the lowest drawing champions, act like he knows everything about wrestling.

  12. Paul London is a fucking tool, apparently.

  13. Kendrick seems like a guy you'd want to chill with. Paul London seems like that dude you chill with, but end up punching in the fucking jaw.

  14. I actually wanted the Scott Hall shoot, but I'm thinking I'll get Bayless to do the Outsiders shoot just to piss you off.

  15. Always amazing me that other wrestlers always praise Orton's ring work. I've never seen a bigger disconnect between fans and people in the business over a wrestler like that.

  16. I've always found that to be odd too. I am one of the 6 people who kind of likes Orton, but I can see why people don't. His peers seem to be pretty complimentary of him in general.

  17. I probably like his ring work more than most. When he doesn't give a shit, it can be boring but when he does and depending on the guy he is with, he can be awesome.

  18. Pretty much my exact thoughts on him.

  19. Your_Favourite_LoserJanuary 31, 2014 at 3:09 PM

    quit downvoting me, mickie's left and right labia

  20. Like others said: When he's trying, he can be really good. Unfortunately, him trying is a special occasion at this point.

  21. The Outsiders shoot apparently begins with Kevin and Scott talking about their first meeting and why Kevin thought Scott was gay. Sounds hysterical if nothing else...

  22. I give him credit for not taking Bubba's shit though. Nice to see someone stand up for himself in the locker room.

    Wrestlers seem to like London generally but say that he can be reckless in the ring and he is legit crazy in real life.
    After watching this, London comes off as a whiner and a complainer about some things but other times he comes off as being passionate and insightful.

  23. Punk vs. Aries from Death by Dishonor III is also a must watch. Not only is it a great ~****1/2 match, but it concluded with the Punk promo that turned him into a megaheel in ROH, claiming he was going to WWE with their heavyweight belt... phenomenal stuff.

  24. The whole shoot is funny. And great too.

  25. one big reason might that we don't have to take potentially dangerous moves like the ddt from him.

  26. While my literary skills are comparible to an orange, I must point out that there are a lot of spelling mistakes.

    Other than that, thank you for the review :)

  27. I don't even have anything to say about the post, really. Just that it's refreshing to see _something_ that isn't CBry Punkielson.

  28. You typed John Morrison twice. (hate to be that guy).

  29. He always makes a few. His shit's still pretty good though.

  30. For some reason, Blogger is really difficult on my work browser and I wrote this last night at work. Yeah, not my best editing job. I call it Vintage Bayless, personally

  31. Nice job, really enjoyed this one and these confirm what I always believed. Taker and Bubba are dickhead marks for themselves....

  32. The Ghost of Faffner HallJanuary 31, 2014 at 4:43 PM

    It's a WORK!

  33. I didn't catch it in the review does Paul London's Smile of Doom come up at all? At the time it sounded as though that one facial expression sealed his WWE fate as badly as any HHH blowjob joke ever might.

  34. Thanks for the review, Brian, nice work! Thanks to these posts I save a lot of money I would have otherwise spent buying shoot inter..HAHAHA. I'd never buy a shoot interview. These posts are great reads though.

  35. Yeah, the reason he said he smiled is because someone said Hillbilly Jim is a good wrestler and he couldn't keep a straight face.

  36. Hillbilly was a helluva technician, his bouts with Goulet were the stuff of a legend....

  37. Hell yea good call on that match. I swear mid-2000's ROH is about as good as a wrestling promotion can get

  38. I'd never seen this before (I haven't seen 99% of the matches from the past fifteen years or so), but I knew who was going to win because of that year's Mania Main Event...

    But still, I kept hoping for Morrison to pull out the win.

    Why did they never give him, like, a year-long run with the belt? Dude is gifted, and he was definitely the MVP of this match, although Punk's bump at the end was rather vicious.

  39. Morrison was my dude. Still is, honestly. He had the right mix of different wrestling but was still capable of interacting with the standard dudes (coughSinCaracough).

  40. Morrison always suckers me in. I loved to watch the guy wrestle because he just seemed so much different than the other guys. He was athletic and a bit of a flyer, but his spots weren't always crazy and he didn't just rely on that aspect of his repertoire.

  41. People may give him shit for being a spot monkey, but his moves all had points. Yeah there were a ton of flips and springboards in them, but they all looked like they hurt and he could do technical stuff better than 90% of the roster.

    Him, Punk and Bryan that were one of the few highpoints of the Shawn/Trips/Batista retirements to the Summer of Punk Era (I'll think of a better name eventually). awesome match between him and white meat babyface Bryan.


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