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Hypothetical Time!

> Frankly, I'm getting tired of the constant bitching about D-Bry. In three and a half years with WWE he's gone from being an undersized indie worker to the most popular performer in the company and a three time world champion, tag team champion, money in the bank winner, and US champion. I'm not saying "give it time", but give it time.
> Now, on to totally random hypothetical questions that I'd love your/the board's thoughts on:
> 1. What if Magnum TA didn't get into a car accident?
> 2. What if Brock Lesnar signed with WCW instead of the WWF (if I recall correctly, WCW was heavily scouting him as well).
> 3. What if the Radicals (I refuse to use the "z") didn't leave WCW when Bischoff gave them their releases?

As a wise man once rapped, your time is up, my time is now.

1. He would have done well.
2. Given he spent 2001 in the WWE developmental system anyway, not much would have changed there.
3. Just would have delayed the inevitable by a year. Eddie and Chris were gonna get over on hard work either way.