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Japan & WWE (with a NXT bonus)

Hey Scott, 

I wanted to go a different direction than all the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan talk just for a change of pace. 

1) Why would KENTA want to sign with WWE? He's already one of the best wrestlers in the world and has held every belt in NOAH. If he wanted to change direction, why not go to NJPW? Wouldn't that fit his style better rather than go into the WWE developmental system, have all his strengths turned into weaknesses, have Go 2 Sleep taken away, and be Joe McKenta? 

2) Why would Prince Devitt seriously consider the WWE? He's one of the top stars of NJPW and I can't imagine the WWE just putting him on the roster without going through the developmental process. 

Since you're a NXT fan, here's a bonus question...have you had a chance to see Kalisto or Solomon Crowe yet? If so, what are your thoughts on them? Why haven't Sami Zayne and Kalisto had an epic best of three series yet? 

1.  Because he's getting older and WWE is where the money is.  It's worth a try if nothing else.  Tensai was also a top star in Japan and now he's making four times as much to dance like a moron.  

2.  See question 1.  Although he's also negotiating with TNA, which would be career suicide for him.

3.  Haven't seen them yet, although I'm looking forward to Crowe.