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Query Re Batista and the Rumble (Bonus: No Bryan Mentioned!)

I'm excited for the big guy to come back. I've actually wondered why he hasn't come back sooner. So Yay Batista! That being said, isn't it sort of wasteful to have him comeback and his debut match be the Rumble?

First, he's a returning big star and should be a draw by himself. "I get the Rumble AND Batista is coming back for a match?! Well that's great." said everyone at once. Batista comes in, destroys anyone, everyone cheers.

But since he appears to be in battle royal, There are two outcomes. Either he wins it, which I don't feel is necessary. Everyone believes him to be a player and he's cemented in the upper card. It also robs a potential upcoming star from rising a bit higher. Be it Punk, Reigns, Bryan (oops), Wyatt, Big E. whoever. In addition, if you want him to have a title shot, it's not like it's that hard. Cena didn't have to win anything to get a shot at either the World or WWE championships. He just sort of wandered out from backstage.

The other option is to have him be eliminated which doesn't exactly count as a loss, but isn't exactly a strong return of a monster. Particularly one signed to a year long deal with one last run on top.

So what the hell?.. I my question.

I'm just curious how they're gonna work in Cena/Orton, Cena/Orton/Brock and (winner of Cena/Orton/Brock) v. Batista all within the confines of Rumble/Mania season and not have the belt bounce around a bunch of times in the process.  Current track seems to be Batista winning the Rumble, beating Del Rio at the Chamber, and then beating Orton at WM for the title.  Since Brock is against Big Show at Rumble (ugh) and then faces the champion at the Chamber, I would guess that means a Cena-Orton-Brock three way there?  At least that match has never been done before.  Brock-Batista seems like a huge money match just sitting on the table, though.  

So I dunno.