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Royal Rumble 1991 poster on

Hey Scott

Loving your work dude, keep it up as always, hope my clicks help the DVD fund, I dont have Kindle so cant contribute like that, but hey!

So, I was on the other day looking at their Royal Runble coverage, one image really stuck out for me: 30 Best Rumblers
To my alarm, the main image, the 1991 poster shows 22 superstars front and centre, 6 of which are now dead! I know we're talking 23 years ago but man, that isnt a great image to showcase your Rumble coverage - of the 11 over half are dead - Perfect, Von Erich, Hawk, Earthquake, Bossman and Savage.

Got me thinking, which Rumble has suffered the most losses, and I have found that 1990 (Savage, Brown, Andre, Bravo, Earthquake, Rude, Hercules and Perfect) and 1991 (Bravo, Von Erich, Hercules, Bulldog, Hawk, Crush, Earthquake and Perfect, plus Savage who no showed) tie with 8 losses per Rumble. 1991 has 9 if you include Savage who no showed the match.

In fact, every Rumble from 1988 - 2008 has at least one past away participant.

Not sure I have a massive point to make, just thought it was interesting!

I did a death count for Dungeon of Death and one of the Rumble shows ended up ranking as #1 for the most dead participants, either 90 or 91.  It was a really bad era for people dying in general because steroids and recreational drugs were totally out of control and business was down, so the answer was MORE STEROIDS.  


  1. Dead childhood heroes... :(

    But things have clearly gotten better. In Steve Austin's podcast episode with Daniel Bryan, it was very interesting to hear about how scientific Randy Orton's approach to diet and fitness is. Orton's the kind of guy I'd have thought would be right in the middle of the steroid/drug craze of the 80s and 90s. I'm not really a fan of his work, but it's nice to know that many of the wrestlers today are spending their money on top-notch ways to stay healthy. We'll have to wait and see how well the wrestlers of today are doing in 20 years.

  2. Yep, I remember a wrestler's book (maybe Bischoff, maybe Bret) who said that in the 80's, wrestlers bragged about their drug intakes the previous night, but these days, they compare their protein shake ingredients and diet plans. Definitely an improvement.

  3. "I dont have Kindle so cant contribute like that, but hey!"

    They have kindle reader app for both iOS and Android...

  4. 1988: 2 (Dino Bravo & Junkyard Dog) (20 men Rumble)

    1989: 7 (Andre the Giant, Mr. Perfect, Bad News Brown, Randy Savage, The Big Boss Man, Big John Studd, Hercules)

    1990: 8 (Bad News Brown, Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Dino Bravo, Earthquake, Rick Rude, Hercules, Mr. Perfect)

    1991: 9 (Dino Bravo, Kerry von Erich, Hercules, Davey Boy Smith, Hawk, Randy Savage, Crush, Earthquake, Mr. Perfect)

    1992: 5 (Kerry von Erich, Davey Boy Smith, The Big Boss Man, Hercules, Randy Savage)

    1993: 5 (Mr. Perfect, Earthquake, Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Randy Savage)

    1994: 4 (Owen Hart, Randy Savage, Crush, Bastion Booger)

    1995: 4 (Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart, Steven Dunn, Crush)

    1996: 3 (Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith)

    1997: 3 (Crush, Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart)

    1998: 1 (Owen Hart)

    1999: 2 (Golga(Earthquake), Owen Hart)

    2000: 4 (Big Boss Man, Test, Davey Boy Smith, Crash Holly)

    2001: 1 (Crash Holly)

    2002: 2 (Big Boss Man, Mr. Perfect)

    2003: 3 (Eddie Guerrero, Test, Umaga (Jamal))

    2004: 1 (Benoit)

    2005: 2 (Eddie Guerrero, Benoit)

    2006: 1 (Benoit)

    2007: 1 (Benoit)

    2008: 1 (Umaga)

    2009: 0

    2010: 0

    2011: 0

    2012: 0

    2013: 0

  5. That is a morbid way to spend a Monday morning...

  6. If it helps, it's 2pm over here in the UK. :)

  7. Haha stupid American bias!

    Where in the UK do you live?

  8. Wow that list is terrible. Austin should be at number 1, Kane number 2, and HBK at 3. And how is RVD not even on the list? Dude was always there at the end.

  9. It was my question or statement to Scott, apologies for the mention of 22 in the text. I of course meant 11 superstars front and centre. Idiot fat fingers!

    Thanks to your responses, I beg to differ on a few of SVL3081 stats:
    1995 - 5 You need to add Dick Murdoch
    Bulldog, Owen, Dunn, Murdoch and Crush

    1999 – is now 4
    Golga (Tenta), Test, Big Boss Man and Owen Hart

    2001 - now 2
    Add Test

    2002 - now 3
    Add Test

    Sorry, but that's us anal Brits!

  10. Well, hey, I'll just read them on the web for free!

  11. So what you really should have said, assuming you are the OP, is "Well I could pay for your stuff but I would rather continue to enjoy your work without compensating you in any way other than praise"? Is that fair?

  12. I remember Orton talking about his diet and routine on an episode of WWE Confidential... it was the basic gym rat "Protein and pick up heavy things" approach... of course that was in like 2003 before he got crazy chiseled like he was for a while so who knows.

  13. That's a precise and concise statement yes!

    And now I know the Kindle books app is on iOS and Android I may well furnish Mr Keith with some more pound sterling from my account. About time I did as my purchases of The Buzz, Tonight... and Dungeon was a long time ago.

  14. Good man.

    I should really be the head of the BoD marketing department.

  15. How much of a cut do you get on each sale or are you an independent contractor?!?!

  16. I get nothing... but I know what it is like to run a "small" website that isn't designed to make money... it takes a lot of time and effort so any little bit of compensation helps... which is why I try to help Scott out in that way when I can.

  17. I remember RVD constantly drawing super late numbers, yet never capitalizing on it. So I'd say he's a major Rumble underachiever.

  18. I think that's what makes it the hardest to revisit the old shows, they're all fairly entertaining, but when you know the fat guys died of heart problems, the big guys died of roid problems and the fun guys died of street drug problems it makes it all kinda sad. I was at the 92 Summer Slam at Wembley so I thought I'd watch it again last year and in almost all the matches there's a wrestler that has passed on. Bulldog in the main, Savage (and Perfect) in the co-main and then Earthquake, Hawk, Crush and even Sherri all died, non of them close to old age. I don't know if WWE should hide those stats but it's definitely not something to glorify.

  19. He was also very injury prone, on his DVD he said he basically changed to the scientific like approach because he was tired of getting hurt.


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