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Yet Another Bryan/Batista Email

So we all know Batista's winning the Rumble, BUT if they wanted Bryan to do it, it actually sets up a great Batista/Bryan program. 

Have Batista enter early and dominate. Have him beat on Bryan when Bryan comes in around 20-whatever (since Bryan already had a match). Have him get distracted by Alberto (or whoever you want him to murder on RAW) and Bryan gets him from behind, goes on to win the Rumble. 

Batista's furious, cuts a promo the next night on Raw about how he's gonna kill Bryan, blah blah blah. Real heel promo too, whining and playing exactly the entitled upper-carder the internet paints him as. Have him bitch about his "spot", and just really lean into the entitled douche thing. HHH puts him in the Chamber, for the title, to placate him. Meanwhile, Bryan has to fight whoever at EC. Or, Hell, if they're dead set on having two Chamber matches, have one be for the belt and the other be Bryan having to defend his Rumble Title Shot (because HHH). That's actually even better, let's go with that. 

Batista kills Orton in the Chamber, becoming champion. Bryan retains his shot against whoever. 

Batista keeps his heat, looks dominant, and we get Bryan/Batista at Mania. Let's assume Sting/Taker (apparently an actual strong possibility), Cena/Lesnar 2 (easy enough to get to, especially if they cost each other the Chamber match), and Punk/HHH are the other big Mania matches in this scenario. Decent card. 

Honestly, we all know that Vince is close to his Batista-gasm and won't stop short of putting him over in the Rumble, so there's no point in getting bent out of shape about it any further.  That being said, Cena is doing nothing right now, so if we end up with Cena/Bryan v. Wyatts with Hogan in one corner and Piper in another, then FINE.  Because Hogan is gonna make sure to be in the biggest drawing match, so you know that Bryan is gonna make a shitload of money off that and get a huge rub from all involved, so that would be peachy all around.