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Regarding 1999......
1. Was the original plan for late Summer really Austin-Jarrett? Instead of HHH's ascension or as well as?
2. If Austin didn't need time off,what would have happened with Austin-Rock-HHH at Survivor Series?
3. Why was Test pretty much phased out of the Vince-HHH story straight away?
Wouldn't a Test-HHH match at the December PPV made more sense than what we got?

1.  It was just intended as a thing for Austin to do.  The HHH ascension was coming whether we liked it or not.  

2.  HHH would have beat them both, and then probably stole Austin's wife as well because he was so manly.  But it was absolutely intended to be all HHH all the time until he got over or died trying.

3.  Yeah, but Test didn't do himself any favors with his uninspired reaction to having his fiancee stolen, and they kind of lost faith in him as a result.  There was talk of having him win the title at Survivor Series when Austin was out, but they just didn't think he was ready, and they were probably right.