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5 stars for Shield vs. Wyatts?

1. Was the Shield-Wyatts match from Elimination Chamber a five-star match?
2. Was it the best 6-man tag match of all time? (Or at least in your memory?)

1.  Nope, I had it at ****1/2.  Their debut match at TLC 2012 was better, for one.  

2.  Hells no.  I can think of half a dozen Michinoku Pro six-mans that were better, including the one at Barely Legal, but it was certainly still a great match.  


  1. Not to mention the Dragon Gate 6-man in ROH that (I think) won Match of the Year in 05 or 06.

  2. Ridiculous mail by someone that knows nothing about the history of wrestling.

  3. Odds on favorite is Jobber.

  4. Pretty sure that was 06. 05 was cluttered with Angle/Michaels, Joe/Daniels/Styles, and Joe/Kobashi near the top.

  5. 1) ****1/2

    2) It was a great match, but barely the best 6-man of February, let alone ever. One could make a strong case that it wasn't even as good as this classic from 2/2/14...

  6. Someone was a little excited after that match.


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