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A Better Wrestlemania Main Event Plug

> Most of us think that there are better options for the main event of
> Wrestlemania XXX than Randy Orton defending against Batista. But
> exactly how many are there? That is what I would like your readers to
> help me find out.
> I whomped up a program to randomly match up an Elimination Chamber
> participant (the champion heading into Wrestlemania) against a Royal
> Rumble participant (the challenger) 177 different possibilities for
> the Wrestlemania XXX main event. With a click of a button, you choose
> whether you believe that this matchup would be a better main event, a
> worse main event, or that you have no opinion. Every new vote will
> bring up a new matchup, and after you've voted at least once, you will
> be able to see all of the results in real time as voted upon by your
> peers.
> Anyway, if you feel like wasting some time to give us some data
> points, you can access from
> Vote early and vote often!
> - Joe

Cesaro defending against El Torito was my fave.


  1. Second one I got was... Orton vs. Batista.

    Don't see how that's much better than Orton vs. Batista.

  2. Fun but "better" varies: Bryan-Ziggler would obviously be a better match, but Ziggler (or Cody or Goldust, etc.) is in no way positioned for a title match.

  3. If Orton vs Batista doesn't turn your crank, then how about...Batista vs Orton?

  4. Nah, that does nothing for me. How about Dave Bautista vs. Randy Orton?

  5. I wonder how many times Cesaro could get El Torito around for.

    A fifteen minute Cesaro Swing would be way better than Orton/Batista.

  6. How about Tony Batista vs Kyle Orton?

  7. I'm embarrassed by how much fun I had with this.


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