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A+ Match of the Day

  Hostile City Showdown 1995: Eddie Guerrero © vs. Dean Malenko:

I've been looking for a high quality copy of this, and I finally found one. Malenko was the straightforward, no-nonsense “shooter” that utilized a faux MMA style before it even became popular. Guerrero was the athletic high-flyer and the son of legendary Gory Guerrero. They were truly polar opposites. But they had one thing in common: they were superb in the ring. This match had a mixture of everything – chain wrestling, aerial attacks, creative submissions, imaginative spots, devastating looking moves, and cerebral psychology. The story was about both of them hitting each other with everything they had, but not being able to put the other away due to his never-say-die resiliency. This also does a spectacular job of building to high-spots, transitioning to each layer of the match, and creating different story-arcs. The 2/3 falls contest is the more talked about one, but this is the best one of the series.