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"The sad thing is that their real life animosity is a better story than 99.9% of the crap the writers are putting out there for WM thus far."

Besides the fact that Punk hates everyone, can you add to this? What is the backstory?

Sorry, I keep forgetting that everyone doesn't listen to the Observer show on the way to work in the mornings.  Basically Vince is telling people that he'll take Punk back when it happens, but HHH is taking more of a "good riddance" attitude towards his departure, because Punk's been a pain in the ass for a long time now and HHH kind of wanted this to happen.  But he's not going around bashing him or anything because he's also trying to be the diplomat about it, which I think would be an interesting dynamic when Punk returns, kind a new twist on the Austin/McMahon dynamic with HHH being the reluctant heel or even turning into a babyface boss.  


  1. Are we sure this isn't a work from the start? I figured with Triple H love of trolling the IWC/internet, this was his idea. Punk needed some time off anyways, so let's run with it.

  2. I think Triple H as the authority figure had a chance for success with the "Best for Business" thing, which would make sense for the WWE as a corporate entity and let him jump around from heel to face as the situation warranted...sort of like a real CEO.

    However, they never figured out what was "Best for Business" and now he's just wishy-washy, standard authority figure.

    Like Randy Orton has basically been champ for six months and i STILL don't know if that's what Triple H wants or not. It seemed like he was for Orton at the Rumble...but he hugged Batista the week before.

    I guess the main problem is booking on a napkin each week.

  3. So HHH was the "WWE employee" who sent the email bashing Punk?

  4. I doubt you're serious, but the "WWE Employee" bashed HHH for pushing his buddies in the letter, so probably not. Unless he did it to THROW OFF THE SCENT!

    Frankly considering HHH's view of Internet fans in general I'm sure he couldn't be bothered to write an anonymous letter to the Internet geeks.

  5. Triple H as evil boss against Bryan was completely set up after
    SummerSlam. That storyline seemed to carry through until it began to
    fall apart when Big Show got involved and they decided to hotshot the
    TLC unification match.

    It was around that time that HHH and Stephanie began not only altering face/heel authority week-to-week, but almost segment by segment. Leaving us with these conundrums:

    Bryan - Face for going against The Authority

    Orton - Heel for going against The Authority

    Bootista - Face (well, intended) for aligning himself with The Authority

    Kane - Heel for aligning himself with The Authority

    Punk - Face for going against The Authority

    The Shield - Heels for doing The Authority's bidding

    The Wyatt Family - Heels for sometimes doing The Authority's bidding

    Remember when half the people in Mr. McMahon's Corporation were faces and the other half were heels? I don't.

  6. I agree with the Best for Business thing for HHH at this phase of his career. It works as a face or heel too. As a heel, he can abuse his power and be the "whatever I say is best for business" corporate dictator. As a face, he can be more of the DX version of HHH, with the approach that whatever is a thorn in Vinces side and makes the fans happy is best for business. In that sense, HHH made more sense as a Punk supporter in 2011, with Punk as the guy that reminds Hunter of DX and Attitude. COOHHH as the guy who tries to help Punk along against Vince and the status quo

  7. The problem with HHH being a heel boss authority (pun only semi-intended) figure is that he'll essentially tank every angle simply by being HHH.

    For one, he's done nothing to disabuse me of the nothing that 1) he wouldn't just book himself to act like a babyface 75% of the time anyway, and 2) he'd ever show ass during the 25% of the time he's actually a heel.

    I'm not saying it should be 90% comeuppance and getting schooled, but there has to be give-and-take like there was with Austin and McMahon. Putting over Bryan or Punk at the end won't mean anywhere near as much as it should if he's no-selling the build-up and shrugging off the blow-off.

  8. Christian in the EC feels like a safety valve. We'll see how serious Phil Brooks is about hanging out in Wicker Park and healing up vs CM Punk making another windfall.


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