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Impact Wrestling - February 27, 2014

Impact Wrestling
Date: February 27, 2014
Location: Wembley Arena, London, England
Commentators: Tazz, Mike Tenay

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

The main story coming out of last week's show are Storm turning on Gunner to cost him the world title and the official announcement of Lethal Lockdown for control of the company. Bobby Roode will be captaining Dixie's team but we're not sure who will be joining him against Team MVP. Other than that we'll likely get more build towards Joe vs. Magnus. Let's get to it.

We open with a recap of last week's events.

Kurt Angle is inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight. They couldn't wait for a PPV weekend in nine days for that?

Gunner is looking for James Storm and promises him a beating.

Dixie Carter isn't here tonight so Roode and Spud have match making authority. Nice to see that if one boss isn't around, a bunch of others can take her place.

Here's MVP to open things up with a long list of nicknames. First up, he guarantees that Gunner will get his title shot once he wins full control of TNA. However, that means that it's Magnus vs. Joe at Lockdown for the world title. MVP brings out Samoa Joe to a very enthusiastic pop from the London crowd. Magnus comes out as well to some solid heat from his home country crowd. We get a clip of his title defense last week where Storm saves the title for the champ.

Magnus rips on London for slipping from a great city into a town ridden with crime, poverty and debauchery. As for MVP, Magnus is the only person that handles his career, so MVP needs to get on with whatever he's saying. We're here for a contract signing tonight and MVP tilts the advantage even further to Joe by making it knockout or tap out only.

Joe immediately signs but Magnus says he's got a whole decks of cards left to play. He calls Joe an unrefined animal and his fans use horrible chants like Joe's Gonna Kill You. Joe is a dangerous animal and Magnus is the man that will put that animal down. Magnus signs as well and tells Joe to do something about Magnus getting in his face. Joe headbutts him into the corner and ERUPTS on the champion with rights and lefts. He stomps Magnus down in the corner but referees pull him off.

We get a clip from a house show where the Wolves took the Tag Titles from the Bro Mans.

The Bro Mans and Zema are panicking over losing their titles and decide the easiest way to get revenge is to get on Team Roode. They go to see Bobby but he says Bad Influence wants in too. Tonight Roode is making a triple threat tag tonight with Bad Influence, the Wolves and the Bro Mans. If either the Bro Mans or Bad Influence win, they're on the team. If the Wolves win, the search continues.

Bad Influence vs. Bro Mans vs. Wolves

Non-title and no entrances for anyone. Daniels runs Davey over to start but walks into some armdrags into an O'Connor Roll for two. Davey hooks a modified surfboard as Eddie and Kaz come in for a regular version of the same move to Kazarian. Things settle back down and it's off to Kaz who walks into an armdrag of his own. The Wolves start speeding things up and working on the arm but Kaz is able to get Davey into the corner for a double team as Bad Influence takes over.

Daniels teases making a tag to a Bro Man but pulls Davey back in a smart move. Richards is able to get a hot tag to Eddie who cleans house and slams Kaz down for two. Robbie makes the save and Zema is already blowing that stupid horn. Bad Influence hits a quick powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for two on Edwards but Eddie comes back with a running Stunner out of the corner to Kaz. Everything breaks down and Davey hits the top rope double stomp to Kaz but Robbie comes in to steal the pin at 5:30.

Rating: C. So they're putting a comedy team in a match for the future of the company. It didn't work at Old School and it's not likely to work here. Bad Influence are also a comedy team but at least they're capable of having some awesome matches when they need to. The Wolves are growing on me and I don't have a problem with them winning the titles so soon.

Ethan Carter III has selected a British wrestling legend as his opponent tonight and he'll become the new face of American wrestling.

Bobby Roode recruits Austin Aries for his team.
Doug Williams vs. Ethan Carter III

The fans are entirely behind Williams and he jumps Ethan to start. Williams pounds away for a few moments before Ethan hits a quick low blow and the One Percenter for the pin at 1:20.

Carter goes after Doug's knee post match.

James Storm arrives and comes to the ring after a break. He says he doesn't run and asks Gunner to come out here if he wants an explanation for what happened last week. Gunner says this better be good. Storm says he screwed Gunner out of his title shot and had it planned out ever since Gunner stole the briefcase in Feast or Fired. The nail in the coffin was Gunner handing him the Tag Title briefcase like feeding scraps to a dog. Storm says Gunner should owe him a thank you for picking his career up off the ground.

Gunner says the sad thing is James Storm actually believes that. In the Marine Corps, a thank you was standing next to your friend no matter what. Gunner went over to war so that James Storm could sit here and drink those cold beers. Storm says it doesn't matter if Gunner had lived or died but Gunner says the people would care. The fight is on and Storm swings a chair at Gunner's head, only to hit the post instead. Storm runs off when Gunner gets the chair.

After a break Gunner says Storm won't be able to run forever and he'll have to go through Gunner.

Magnus is in the ring and looking disheveled after Joe's attack earlier. He's found someone to take care of Joe but of course they're not from England. He went to Germany and found a natural born killer named Bad Bones, who I believe won the international Gut Check competition.

Joe vs. Bad Bones

Bones is a bald guy with a lot of tattoos and some muscles. He jumps Joe during the entrance but Joe pounds him into the corner and hits the Facewash. The MuscleBuster and Koquina Clutch get the submission from Bones at 1:16. So much for Bones.

MVP asks Aries for his decision on Lethal Lockdown. Aries isn't sure because he doesn't trust either guy because you can't do that in this business. He asks to referee their match tonight so he can make his decision up close and personal. MVP agrees.

It's time for Angle's Hall of Fame induction. JB gives him a very nice induction and we get a video that I believe aired when he was announced last year. Angle limps to the ring and is given a Rolex watch. He's touched by the fans' reaction and says the Hall of Fame is about the fans. TNA wouldn't exist without them and he can't thank them enough. He was supposed to accept this honor back in October but he wasn't in a good place, either personally or professionally.

Angle says he's in a better place now and thanks God for giving him the abilities he has. He thanks his wife and kids for their support and hopes he can make them proud. The talent in the back keeps him motivated and help him every day. Angle thanks each and every one of the fans and says it's a great night to be Kurt Angle. That seems to be it but here's EC3 to interrupt.

Ethan says he was touched by the ceremony and the video, but he has a tribute video of his own. We see a video of him attacking Kurt's knee last week, complete with thought bubbles that aren't particularly funny (“I am the new face of American wrestling”, because being the face of everything is a thing in wrestling now).

Ethan says he has big news and Angle invites him into the ring to share it with the world. He opens a piece of paper, with writing on the back saying he beat Angle and Sting. Apparently Angle has a torn ACL and MCL, meaning he requires surgery due to the attack at Ethan's hands. His career might be over, so Ethan thinks Angle should retire. Angle gets in his face and asks why Ethan would do this when he knows Angle will tear his throat out.

Ethan says he knows Kurt is injured but Angle says you should go straight to the source. Carter: “Why? The internet is always right. Well at least 50% of the time.” Angle says the actual source is right 100% of the time. He has no torn ACL or MCL and knocks Ethan out of the ring. Angle says cut the music because he has an announcement. MVP has given him a match at Lockdown with any wrestler he wants, so guess who he's picked.

Lei'D Tapa/Alpha Female vs. Madison Rayne/Velvet Sky

Alpha Female really doesn't work as a name. It's a brawl to start as Tazz talks about Alpha Female and Bad Bones, completely failing to be funny as usual. Tapa throws Madison around but it's quickly off to Velvet vs. Female. Sabin tries to come in and go after Velvet but Alpha Female quickly saves him. Tapa misses a middle rope splash but Sabin offers a distraction, allowing Gail to cheap shot Madison. Tapa hits her over the shoulder Stunner for the pin on Rayne at 2:31.

The monsters beat down Madison and Velvet until ODB makes the save.

Tigre Uno is coming at Lockdown. It's Extreme Tiger from AAA.

Samuel Shaw says people don't understand. He was helping Christy Hemme last week and the people don't understand that. He'll make them understand right now.

Shaw comes to the arena and quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson, saying that to be great is to be misunderstood. Christy has misunderstood him so he asks her to get in the ring. He says there are certain men that aren't respecting her and those men have been looking at her wrong. Shaw is here to protect her and wants everything from her. This brings out Anderson and Shaw says he's one of those guys. Christy is lucky Shaw was there last week but Anderson tells him to shut up.

Whatever relationship Shaw thinks he has with Christy isn't real but here's what is real. Anderson rolls up his sleeves but Shaw says he's been nothing but a gentleman. Even if he were to try something with her though, she would be receptive because women like her are always available. Christy slaps him in the face and Shaw hides behind her as Anderson comes in. Shaw shoves Christy onto Anderson and slaps the choke on Mr., pulling him down to the mat.

Willow is still creepy and still coming.

Storm and Gunner fight in the back until agents break it up. Gunner shouts that this ends at Lockdown.

Eric Young hopes Joseph Park comes back instead of Abyss.

Bobby Roode vs. MVP

Austin Aries is guest referee and wearing shorts ala Shawn Michaels on the first weekly Smackdown. Feeling out process to start with MVP taking it to the mat with a headlock. Roode fights up and they get in a jawing session until MVP runs him over with a shoulder block. A clothesline drops Roode again but it's only good for a one count. Roode blocks a tornado DDT attempt by slamming MVP down onto the mat. A knee drop sets up a chinlock from Roode, followed by a hard clothesline for two.

MVP avoids a charge in the corner and hammers on Roode before taking him down with a nice high collar suplex. The Ballin Elbow sets up a fisherman's suplex for two and we get a far too close shot of Aries. The Playmaker is countered and Roode charges into a boot in the corner. MVP charges into a spinebuster for two but fights out of the Roode Bomb.

The Playmaker connects for a VERY close two and MVP takes a second to question Aries. Roode comes back to trade forearms but MVP gets the better of it, only to get caught by an enziguri. MVP kicks out the knee and loads up the Drive By but Aries lays him out with a discus elbow, setting up the Roode Bomb for the pin at 9:40.

Rating: C. Basic match here as we were just waiting for the Aries decision to end the match. MVP is fine in this roll and there's nothing wrong with him wrestling a match here and there. The match was nothing special and Aries being added to the team helps, but the Bro Mans are going to sink any hope Team Dixie has save for a screwjob.

Overall Rating: C+. Perfectly fine show here with a development to end the show and some decent matches in between. They're filling in the card for Lockdown, even though there's only ten days before the show. Either way, things are picking up a bit and it's amazing how much easier this show is to sit through without Dixie hogging all the screen time.

Bro Mans b. Bad Influence and The Wolves – Robbie pinned Kazarian after a double stomp from Richards
Ethan Carter III b. Doug Williams – One Percenter
Samoa Joe b. Bad Bones – Koquina Clutch
Lei'D Tapa/Alpha Female b. Velvet Sky/Madison Rayne – Over the shoulder Stunner to Rayne
Bobby Roode b. MVP – Roode Bomb

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  1. Jesus Christ, they still have shows coming from the UK? Did they tape a whole year's worth?

  2. It was a nice show

  3. With the big NXT show, I forgot Impact was on tonight. I'm not saying "OMG ratings dip", but usually I remember to not watch Impact, instead of forgetting about it entirely.

  4. there aren't/weren't that many "indy guys" that are/were as good as Zayn/Generico.

  5. So could Mistico and we see how that worked out for WWE.

  6. Does MVP get any type of crowd reaction?

  7. Are you going to review the 2/26 NXT episode?

  8. The Saga of Austin Aries now saddens me. Turned major face after "upsetting" Roode for the title in 2012, and kept it through rematches and other damn fine matches. Turned "heel" (sort of) just to get a few hundred more buys for the "NAME" main event of Hardy/Bully to kick off Aces. DAMN GOOD tag team with Roode after that, and of course the one intriguing program (Dirty Heels/Bad Influence) never happens in full because worthless Chavo needs a tag title run. Kinda kept on the side/back burner, until winning the X-Division title and turning back face... well I guess sorta face... and not even a month later turned back heel when there are quite a few others available for the spot.

    Fuck this company. I'm done with them, at least until after Lockdown.

    My Lockdown match: Roode, Storm, Bad Influence vs MVP, Aries, Gunner,[Young/Abyss/???] . MVP's team wins through heel miscommunication, letting Storm/Gunner split off while Roode deals with the errant member of BI and Aries goes back to keeping the X-Division title meaningful, somehow. And I wouldn't have a problem with Gunner getting one more title shot... but that's it for him.

    Rest of the card:
    Joe/Magnus (on BEFORE Team Dixie/Team MVP, so Magnus' running mates can interfere): I LOVE Joe, but not yet. Let the build to the next PPV be "What will Magnus do WITHOUT Dixie's lapdogs helping him", and make Magnus get at least one or two legitimate defenses, getting more desperate each time. He can lose the title at Slammiversary.

    Wolves/BroMans: The rematch, the semi-squash. BroMans don't have to be completely emasculated, but the message coming out needs to be "Jokers need not apply for titles here." As much as I'd like to set up Wolves/Bad Influence for Slammiversary, Roode complicates that at the start. But I'd think a decent booker could figure it out. (Maybe Wolves/Beer Money instead? Problem there is Storm/Gunner being on tap...)

    Angle/EC3: EC3 wins dirty, dirty, dirty. Moving on...

    Knockouts title match: Yeah, it's hard for me to care with the current title picture. One big woman is fine, two is outright overkill.

    Sadly, no X-Div title defense, Aries is a little busy at the moment. And I'm not hotshotting the title off of him.

    Fill out the rest of the card with the usual: Abyss/EY if one's not busy in the main, Shaw/Anderson (Blech), bring in three-five contenders to face Sabin for an X-Div shot, and for shits and giggles, Spud vs Norv or Dewey (or Willow, if you're "debuting" him here).

    Not the strongest card, but if the top three (not counting the tag titles) bring it, it's a solid PPV.

  9. TL;DR:

    Fuck this company.

  10. New Age Outlaws vs Too Cool vs The Headbangers at Wrestlemania.

  11. Extreme Tiger is being brought in? That's pretty awesome, his AAA work has always been very good for a high flying spot guy. Should help the X-Division tremendously.

  12. Well at least TNA doesn't force people to wrestle a completely different style from what they are used to. He'l l be fine wrestling X-guys in TNA, Mistico would've been as well.

  13. It's about pacing for TV and playing to the home audience as opposed to the crowd.


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