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Rumble 94 weirdness

So, I was watching the Yokozuna-Undertaker match at Royal Rumble 1994, and there's one thing that always bothered me. (One thing?)

When all the heels start coming out to beat the crap out of Taker, they all make sense for the most part- they're either monsters like Bam Bam or Diesel or they're somehow at least tangentially related to Fuji and Yoko, like Kabuki or the Headshrinkers. The type of people you'd bring out to just destroy the Undertaker.

Then you get JEFF JARRETT?! Nothing against Jarrett (well, not at this point anyways), but he just doesn't seem to fit in AT ALL. I get this mental picture of all the monster heels in the back making their horrible plans for the match, and Jeff just walking up like a little kid who wants to be cool and asking if he can play too and the heels letting him in so he'll shut up already.

Was there any explaination for how he got mixed up in this, or is it just one of those things that I really shouldn't worry about too much? Like pretty much everything else in the match?

I think you safely win the award for most random e-mail of the day.  And clearly Jeff Jarrett was there to scout Undertaker on behalf of his longtime Memphis co-worker Brian Lee, so that he could properly take over as Undertaker and such.  So there you go, you can sleep easier at night knowing I've closed that plot hole for you.