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Sullivan question

Long time reader, first time writer. One of the things I remember from your old rants is how much you seemed to hate Kevin Sullivan as a booker/ wrestler. I admit I felt much the same way when he was booking WCW back in 2000.
But I have to admit that after actually listening to some shoot interviews (with the combination of everything that happened since 2000), I find myself not disliking him at all, and understanding --if not always agreeing-- with his ideas/philosophies.
Question is, has your opinion of Sullivan changed at all over the years?
Thanks. Enjoy your work.

I never had any particular issue with him as a worker.  He even had a ***** match with Benoit in 96!  As a booker, however, he kind of led to the downfall of WCW, so you know...not good.  I don't think it was particularly bad booking on his part as much as it was horrendous people skills, though.