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The WWE Network in the UK...?

> Hi Scott,
> Further to your e-mail about getting the Network in Canada, I was wondering if you could share this out on the BoD and see if any UK users have been successful trying a similar process?
> Thanks,
> Tom

Should be the same process, because I know there's a ton of people watching in the UK. Maybe it's the one thing that will finally reunite the United Kingdom again?


  1. I've been watching from day one. Had a lot of issues at first, but seems to be getting better.

    I even streamed out the NXT show to a few of my friends last night and didn't have one blip.

    I've had to sign up using a fake US address, and pay via PayPal. I'm also using as my proxy service (weeks free trial, funny enough).

    I heard some could use it without the proxy, but then I also heard they couldn't, so...

  2. You can get a fake US address from loads of different sites. You can use your normal paypal/email to register/pay so long as you use the fake address as your billing address.

    i used which provides you with a DNS code to enter onto whichever system you want to watch through (I used PS3). This is also allows you access to Netflix US etc if you are with them too.

    Network VOD has been running ok, few time laspse/buffering issues but overall I've watched a few WCW events from the late 80's no problems, and the live stream has been fine whenever I've checked it out (although I was mainly interested in the old content).

    The price through paypal is £6.18 at current exchange rate levels, although I'm sure that will fluctuate every month.

    Good luck, any questions email me at

  3. He looked a little too comfortable in the Longest Yard saying the n-word.

    Also, factor in Debra's comments.

    One thing we know for sure is that he is a wife beater so take your fanboy'ish Austin 3:16 memories elsewhere.

  4. It was a movie you fucktard.

  5. "He looked a little too comfortable in the Longest Yard saying the n-word."

    Man, I miss downvotes.

    I guess Ed Norton must be a REALLY bad racist, then.

  6. Him beating Debra was a movie?

    Ohhh, Bobby the racist wife beater fan is getting antsy.

  7. Vince McMahon looked a little jittery when he said it to John Cena.

    When Austin said it to Nelly, he was very relaxed. And he's no Edward Norton.

  8. Again, he said he had a vibe that Austin was racist, but never outright called him a racist and provided examples as to why he felt that way.

  9. Tonight's gonna be my first chance to try it out. I'm very technically minded, so I'll let you guys know what happens from the POV of someone doing it 'new today'.

    Bless you, Beverly Hills 90210, godsend to all non-Americans who ever need a zip code to try...

  10. Caliber_Winfield_TCTFebruary 28, 2014 at 9:35 AM

    Yeah, Steve has black friends! There's Carl, the exterminator!

  11. Caliber_Winfield_TCTFebruary 28, 2014 at 9:40 AM

    I remember that story about Ahmed and the boiling water in WWE magazine, and honestly I bet I've thought about it at least once a week since reading it in 1998. It's absolutely horrific, and thankfully whatever poison that was inside his father didn't affect him, allowing him to be a good father.

  12. You realize people play characters in movies right? And when they play these characters they usually adhere to a script right? And when they have to adhere to a script they usually have to deliver lines properly, right? You do realize how movies work right?

  13. You still haven't explained Debra's comments.

  14. The powerbomb at WM13, wasn't that D'Lo before he was D'Lo?

  15. "Maybe it's the one thing that will finally reunite the United Kingdom again?"

    how quickly we forget about a little thing called THE REIGN... OF MAGNUS

  16. Your_Favourite_LoserFebruary 28, 2014 at 1:10 PM

    "Network in the UK"

    the network in the UK
    it'll play fine.. well maybe
    nxt arrival stopped on tyler breeze
    future pay, no ppv royalties

    'cause iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    don't wanna see
    dave vs randy


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