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Wrestling and Tech Question

Hey Scott,

What do you think of WWE planning on doing a cruiserweight show for the network? Do you think if TNA does go under they will snatch up some X Division guys? Maybe create a cruiserweight title? Since the US and IC titles are suppose to be getting unified, a cruiserweight title could be treated at least somewhat decent...especially if it was the top title of its own show. Do you one day they might even sign ROH to a network deal for unique content?

Also a tech question. I have a 8GB folder of music that I want to upload to Google there anyway to upload the whole folder in one click? It seems like you can only upload mp3s individually? I'm sure either you or your great community can help me.

Thanks Scott.

Not sure where this cruiserweight show thing is coming from, but no, it'll never happen.  NXT is close enough to that most of the time as it is.

As for the folder, have you tried right-clicking on it and just going "Upload to Google Drive"?  Or dragging it onto the Drive icon on the desktop?