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WWF Championship Wrestling October 26th, 1985

October 26, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

Tonight's main event is the Hart Foundation & Barry O. vs. Killer Bees & Paul Orndorff. Also, Tito Santana and David Sammartino will be teaming up.

Mr. X & John Rizzo vs. Cousin Junior & Uncle Elmer w/Hillbilly Jim

As the announcers play up the size of Elmer, Junior stomps Mr. X then wiggles his butt at him. X goes for a kick but misses and falls and we all have a good laugh as a result. Rizzo tags in and bounces off of Elmer then Junior tags back in and gets the win with a sitout splash (2:13).

Thoughts: Typical stuff from the Hillbillies, meaning lots of dancing before and after the match and pandering to the crowd.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. Once again, the subject is the upcoming "Wrestling Classic" PPV. He runs down the list of competitors and that was all.

Ron Dee vs. Terry Funk w/ Jimmy Hart

Dee slams Funk to start the match then decides to chase around Hart until Funk nails him from behind. Funk stomps on the back of Dee's head then runs over to a fan that threw a drink on him. Funk goes back to assaulting Dee then hits a clothesline before finishing him off with an elbow drop (1:50). After the match, Funk brands Dee then starts beating the shit out of him, prompting the referee to change the decision and award Dee the match. Funk and Hart are irate at the decision

Thoughts: Funk was awesome in the WWF. Just an incredible heel. Too bad he didnt stick around longer though.

Gene Okerlund is with "Leaping" Lanny Poffo. He reads us a poem about Okerlund, who then asks Lanny if he has found a tag-team partner yet and he said he is still looking.

Moondog Spot & Dave Barbie vs. David Sammartino & Tito Santana

The crowd loves Tito. Sammartino backdrops Spot then hits Barbie with a German suplex. They use quick tags to isolate Barbie until he is able to tag out. Spot hits Sammartino with a kneelift then tags Barbie, who gets beat on by Tito and shortly after that, Sammartino catches Barbie with a powerslam for the win (3:02).

Thoughts: Eh, not much happened here but Sammartino looked more animated in the ring than usual. Speaking of Sammartino, he would be gone in a few weeks after the "phantom submission" match in Philadelphia against Ron Shaw.

Okerlund is with the Dream Team. Valiant is obnoxious as usual as the others talk about their fans that follow the around wherever they go because they are the champs.

Paul Roma & Scott McGhee vs. The Dream Team w/ "Luscious" Johnny Valiant

Valentine shoves Roma into the corner then takes him down with a drop toehold. Roma comes back with an armdrag and a dropkick but misses his second attempt. Valentine drops a few elbows then he and Beefcake rough up Roma some more. McGhee tags and hits several European uppercuts but Valentine suplexes him. Both men tag out as Beefcake beats on Roma. They isolate Roma using quick tags then Valentine gets the win with a figure four leg lock (3:22).

Thoughts: The Dream Team worked really well as a team. Roma looked solid too in his brief amount of offense. McGhee just came over at this time from Florida but never made any sort of impact in the WWF and as gone before the end of 1986.

Piper's Pit with guest Rick McGraw. Piper insults McGraw by calling him a mediocre wrestler as McGraw, looking like a mess, makes a skirt joke, causing Piper to go off by calling McGraw a "loser" and a "geek" before calling him trash. McGraw asks Piper why he doesnt wrestle on TV as Piper sarcastically challenges him to a match then gets slapped by McGraw, causing Piper to flip out and toss chairs saying he will fight him whenever.

Rusty Brooks vs. King Tonga

Tonga bounces off of Brooks before getting hip-tossed. Tonga dodges an elbow drop and comes back with a dropkick and a crossbody block, getting two. They trade shots and Tonga wins that battle. He lays into Brooks with chops and headbutts the hits him with a super kick. He slams Brooks then heads up top and hits a flying body press for the win (2:20).

Thoughts: The fans weren't that much into King Tonga in the beginning. He moved around quickly at the beginning as he was built like a cruiserweight.

Killer Bees & Paul Orndorff vs. Hart Foundation & Barry O. w/ Jimmy Hart

Hart and Blair start off the match with some mat work. Hart then tags Barry after gettting monkey-flipped out of the corner. Orndorff tags and works the arm of Barry as the fans go nuts. Blair tags and gets two with an elbow smash from the middle rope. Brunzell works the arm but gets caught in the wrong corner. The match then breaks down as Jimmy Hart scurries underneath the ring. The ref regains order as Brunzell is in trouble. Barry is the legal man but Brunzell makes the tag to Orndorff, who runs wild. He holds up Barry as Brunzell hits him with a dropkick and that gets the win (4:20).

Thoughts: Fun match that was all action. I think it was obvious that Barry O. would be the one taking the fall though. Brunzell's dropkick at the end was awesome too. He got up there pretty damn high.

Okerlund is with Randy Savage, who talks about Tito Santana then brings out a plastic trash container and calls Santana garbage and that he will be lucky to escape with the Intercontinental Title. Funny stuff from Savage.

Next week, Roddy Piper will face Rick McGraw. Also in action include the Junkyard Dog, Randy Savage, and Don Muraco.

Final Thoughts: Not a bad show at all. The six-man match was entertaining and Piper's Pit was memorable too. Also, the push for the "Wrestling Classic" continues and guys like Terry Funk and Randy Savage continue to entertain whenever they appear on TV.


  1. Phantom submission match?

    Also, what were you going to say about Scott Maghee? You just said his name and that was it

  2. The phantom submission match was when Shaw, a jobber, had Sammartino in a bearhug and out of the blue, Sammartino tapped out immediately, changing the finish. He then left the company.

    I fixed the stuff about McGhee

  3. David Sammartino did a weird "shoot" where he gave up to a random bearhug during a match with Ron Shaw.

  4. So much random tag teaming back then that was awesome and somehow easily accepted. I mean, the Bee's & Orndorff? Pretty sweet randomness.


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