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10 rapid fire Wrestlemania questions

I always enjoy when other people send these to you, so I thought I would take a stab at it. 10 Wrestlemania related questions. I am sure many have been asked before, but always a good read to see your responses


1) Match/moment you most would have most wanted to see live?


Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat at WM3.  That was a very special part of my childhood.  

2) Match you expected to hate that you liked the best?


Shawn Michaels v. Undertaker from WM25.  I went in thinking it was pointless and wanting to hate it, and ended up giving it *****.  

3) Worst booking decision

HHH retaining over Randy Orton at WM25.  Should have been Orton's moment and made him into a superstar for good.  

4) Best celebrity appearance


Well you can't argue against the Donald Trump appearance as far as business goes.  

5) Most surprising moment


Hulk Hogan returning at WM21 actually caught me completely off guard.  

6) Most under-rated match


Hogan v. Slaughter never gets the attention it should.  

7) Most over-rated match


I know a lot of people will say Savage v. Steamboat, but I think the Iron Man match has aged far worse.  And I'm pretty sure I WAY over-rated Cena-Rock I.  

8) Worst gimmick match


Jake Roberts v. Rick Martel, blindfold match.  

9) The most disa

pointing match


Mr Perfect v. Blue Blazer at WM5.  Should've had 10 minutes or so, especially on a FOUR HOUR show.  

10) Best main event match

Austin-Rock at X-7 like a mofo.  


  1. HHH/Taker Hell in a Cell for most overrated.

    For whatever reason, Piper returning at XIX was a huge surprise for me.

    I think Bossman/Undertaker in the Cell should be considered for worst gimmick match.

  2. 1) Match/moment you most would have most wanted to see live?

    Rock/Hogan X8

    2) Match you expected to hate that you liked the best?

    No idea

    3) Worst booking decision

    Not having Daniel Bryan win the title at XXX

    4) Best celebrity appearance

    Mr. T Wrestlemania 1

    5) Most surprising moment

    Trish turning on Jericho

    6) Most under-rated match

    No idea

    7) Most over-rated match

    Savage/Steamboat without a doubt

    8) Worst gimmick match

    Vince/Bret. I know Bret was limited but there were far better ways to hide it than they did.

    9) The most disappointing match

    Cena/Rock @ 28 sticks out in my mind

    10) Best main event match

    X7 or GTFO

  3. So trips over d bry 5 years later???? I honestly think somehow were gonna get a 4 way at wm, maybe a double pin, or something.

  4. Nothing wrong with a good ol fashioned hanging lol.

  5. 1) Hogan Warrior

    2) Rock/Cena 1

    3) HHH over Booker via 34987597 second pedigree killer

    4) Mr. T WrestleMania 1

    5) Vince and Austin working together

    6) Austin/HBK

    7) Undertaker/HHH WrestleMania 27

    8) Was King/Cole a gimmick match?

    9) Fatal Four Way Elimination McMahon in Every Corner Match

    10) WrestleMania 17... obviously

  6. I'd like to believe that Triple H can read the writing on the wall and will put Bryan over cleanly and decisively at Mania.

    I also like to believe in Santa Claus.

  7. Yeah, the worst booking decision is easily Hunter over Booker.

  8. 1. Rock/Hogan, that heat was unreal and I'm just a Hulkamaniac at heart.
    2. Taker/HHH w/Shawn as ref
    3. Four-way at WM2000 instead of HHH/Rock, like everyone wanted.
    4. Tie between Lauper and Cooper - both were huge mainstream stars.
    5. Arn Anderson spinebuster at X-8
    6. Taker/HHH at X-7. Taker's matches weren't very good at that point, but HHH got one out of him. Gets overlooked because people were tired of both guys by that point.
    7. LT/Bam Bam gets a lot of love for LT not being awful and Bigelow carrying him, but how often do you go back and watch it?
    8. Vince/Bret. There was a better way to do this. Crowd was DEAD for it.

    9. Diesel/Shawn at 11 by a mile
    10. Would be X7 if it weren't for McMahon's involvement and Austin's stupid heel turn. I'd go WM 5 - Savage and Hogan at their best, when it mattered the most.

  9. I think the worst gimmick match was a shark cage match on one of the Wrestling Gold DVD's from I think Detroit. The Sheik and someone if I remember right... I might not. Haven't seen it in years. It was like a fist fight in a phone booth.
    And unless your gay and want to see men tear off each other's clothes, I don't see how a tuxedo match would be any more entertaining than a normal match.

  10. I am not gay but I LOVE seeing men tear each other's clothes. It's probably my favorite thing to watch.

  11. I have to agree with you about Hogan/Slaughter. They had some good chemistry against each other. I saw part of the Desert Storm match from one of the Old School MSG cards and was surprised with how well it worked out. Sarge bleeding buckets probably didn't hurt it.

  12. WrestleMania XX has the best main event if it, ya know, actually had happened

  13. I think you may have misunderstood.

  14. That was on Bizarro World Wrestlemania β, right?

  15. He was killed by Alberto Del Rio.

  16. Yeah, I guess I did. Sorry about that

  17. 1. Hogan vs. Warrior, WM 6
    - A childhood memory I will probably hang on to well into senility.

    2. Taker vs. HHH, WM 17
    - HHH was at the height of his powers as a worker, but Taker seemed SHOT when he returned in 2000. I'm still amazed that he would hit his peak as a worker well AFTER this.

    3. Austin heel turn, WM 17
    - Bad idea in theory and practice. Gets a bit of a pass for being part of arguably the biggest and best main event in WM history, but it was pretty dumb.

    4. Trump, WM23
    - You could argue Mr. T at the first WM (for crossover) or LT at WM11 (for quality), but I think Trump's use at 23 was the best in terms of actually adding to the sales of the PPV.

    5. HHH retaining, WM16.
    - Being there live, it was pretty surprising. Not to mention deflating.

    6. Hardys vs. Dudleys vs. Edge/Christian, WM16
    - It got it's due at the time, then everyone's ratings sort of floated back to earth with each subsequent "one-upping". I think it still deserves a lot of love, even if it is lost in the shuffle of a million repeats in the TLC and MITB genre.

    7. Taker vs. HHH, WM28
    - Smoke and mirrors. Mostly style, little substance.

    8. Roberts vs. Martel, WM 7
    - I'm with Scott on that one. Stupid idea. Even as an 8 year old mark, I was waiting for the bell to ring and Jake to grin at Martel like he had been faking the partial "blindness" all along...before beating the life out of him in a semi-squash. Didn't happen though and they actually proceeded with this mess.

    9. HHH vs. Rock vs. Foley vs. Show, WM16
    - For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is HHH's win and the involvement of Big Show and Foley.

    10. Austin vs. Rock, WM17.
    - Even with the screwy finish, this is one of the best examples of the 'Big Fight' ever.

  18. Worse than JYD not getting the strap from Valentine?

  19. NOTHING, celebrity related, beats Pete Rose trolling the Boston crowd and then getting tombstoned. NOTHING!

  20. Admitting is the first step to acceptance

  21. I don't get the dislike for Rock/Cena WM 28. It's not Rock/Austin X7 but I'd say it sits comfortably in the 2nd tier of WM main events along with stuff like HBK/Austin, the iron man, etc.

    More importantly, at least to me, it had that "big match" feel that had been missing for a few years from recent mania main events

  22. 1) I agree. Savage v. Steamboat was awesome
    2) The Triple Threat from WM 20. (parental advisory warning) I thought there was absolutely NO way Chris Benoit was going home with the gold...yet he did in one of the 5 greatest matches ever
    3)HHH over Booker T. Dumb on SO many levels
    4)Lawrence Taylor and Floyd Mayweather. Its obvious from their efforts both were interested in more than just a uick photo-op and payday
    5)The moment in Wrestlemania 19 when Brock Lesnar hit that Shooting Star Press - and almost killed himself
    6)HHH v. Undertaker from Wrestlemania 17. What an AWESOME match. Piper v. Bret Hart doesnt get the credit it deserves either
    7)Triple H and The Undertaker from Wrestlemania 27. The one where they tried to make it look all epic by having both men basically carried out
    8)Jake the Snake v. Rick Martel Blindfold match was pretty bad. UT-Bossman Hell in the Cell wasnt much better
    9)Triple H v. Chris Jericho from Wrestlemania 18
    10) The Triple Threat (______ v. Triple H v. HBK) from WM 20


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