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Gabe Sapolsky Interview

Hey Scott,

As pumped as we all are for Daniel Bryan to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX, Gabe Sapolsky is downright giddy.


Man, in hindsight, I really wish they would have figured out a way to get that belt onto HHH before setting up the Bryan feud, because Orton v. Batista v. Bryan is not exactly a dream match, but HHH taking matters into his own hands and carrying the belt he obviously feels he deserves until Bryan takes it from him once and for that's a big moment.

Also, at the risk of fantasy booking, I feel like HHH kind of needs to turn face at WM.  Like he gives Bryan the beating of a lifetime and loses, and then the beaten Bryan is getting whomped by the heels and pounded with chairs or what have you, and here comes HHH to help finish him off, but he respects Bryan more than Orton or Batista now so he evens the odds with the sledgehammer for the big swerve and lets Bryan finally get his big win or something.  In HHH's mind, I think that would put Bryan over the top as an A+ guy.