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McMahon legitimately ripping Jarrett on March 26, 2001 Raw looks petty in hindsight, but wasn't McMahon correct to do so? Jarrett disrespected his family and his family business.

I'm not really following your logic there.  


  1. I could be off here but didn't Jarrett simply ask for what he was owed because he was leaving and didn't trust he'd get that in full?

    It's different from the Warrior refusing to work unless he got MORE than what he had negotiated.

    Can't hate on Jarrett for that, if I am remembering it correctly

  2. Double J asked McMahon for all the money he owed him up front before he jobbed to Chyna and went to WCW.

    I'm not sure how asking your boss for the money he or she owes you is disrespectful, especially since you know that you'll soon be working for his or her competition and your relationship is bound to get much worse.

  3. Jarrett leaving the WWF in 1999 is one of the most misunderstood incidents in wrestling history. Here's what I'm pretty certain on:

    1: Jarrett was working without a contract by No Mercy... even though he was IC Champ. That's on McMahon, no ifs, ands, or buts. Not even Brooke's.
    2: Jarrett did NOT ask for "extra" money, only for what he had "earned" to that point. HOWEVER, the "accepted practice" was for royalties to be paid weeks or months later, NOT ASAP. THAT is where Jarrett ran afoul of Vince, and while I don't blame him for making sure he got what he was owed, the way he did it had to piss off Vince.
    3: While Jarrett has done stuff that may have "disrespected" Vince and WWE... he's done it WITHIN the bounds of wrestling. I've never heard of any shoots or non-wrestling interviews where he's knocked Vince or the company. And in all honesty, other than that one night, I've never heard Vince knocking Jarrett either.

    In my opinion, this is a case where people have taken an anthill, and tried to turn it into the Himalayas. Was there heat? Yeah, sure. But I don't believe it was to the extent that's been reported over the years.

    Because if it was, you would not see any TNA to WWE movement, EVER. And the various WWE jumpers would NOT have been welcomed back, IMO. (Christian being the most notable)

    (If anyone has corrections or wants to point out where I went wrong, feel free. I admit this is a mix of mostly educated guesswork.)

  4. I could be wrong but perhaps the person who sent in the question was just trying to be funny by using Steph's recent comments about Bryan(the whole disrespected the family and family business shit) which were reported to be thinly veiled shots at CM Punk...


  6. You're trying too hard. ;)


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