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New E-Book: KB's History Of Clash Of The Champions

We're going back to the 80s again with the original WCW prime time special. Starting in March of 1988, the NWA launched the Clash of the Champions to mess with Wrestlemania IV. The idea worked so they decided to keep things going and made more editions of the show. Over the course of nearly ten years, thirty five Clash of the Champions specials were produced with some of the best matches WCW ever had included.

In this new book, I go back and look at every single show, breaking each one down match by match and segment by segment with detailed analysis and a look through the history of the series.

The book is available from Amazon for just $3.99 and runs 354 pages on a Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, there are free apps that you can get to read it on your phone, laptop, iPad, or any other electronic device you have. These can be found from Amazon here.

You can pick it up from Amazon here.

From the UK Amazon here.

From the Canadian Amazon here.

Or if you’re in another country with its own Amazon page, just search KB Clash and it should be the first thing that pops up.

Also you can still get any of my previous books on the WWE Championship, Monday Night Raw from 1998 and 2001, Monday Nitro from 1995-96, In Your House, Summerslam and Starrcade at my author’s page here.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for checking it out.