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NWA Question

Hey Scott, long time reader, first time caller. Just a quick question, once WWE eventually puts up the back catalog of NWA TV what is the best point to start at for someone who wasn't watching back then? I'm most interested in watching the original formation and run of the Horsemen on a week to week basis. Thought you might have a recommendation on a starting point and jumping off point. 


There is no "NWA" show, there's actually multiple shows from the 80s that fell under the Crockett banner.  The one you're thinking of is World Championship Wrestling from TBS (the one I recapped on 24/7 a few years back).  In which case you would want to start just after Starrcade 84 to get the Horsemen forming and Nikita Koloff and the Midnights debuting, and then go until they theoretically stop putting up episodes.  Which is hopefully never because there's another 17 years of episodes that follow.