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PPV Payout Questions

Over the years, we often hear of a random 8 man tag or battle royal added to Wrestlemania as a way to “get some additional people a payday.”  I get how it works, but why do they bother with it?  Why not just give the guys in these matches a bonus for being good employees for the past year and not waste the fans’ time with watching a crappy match?  Never understood the logic, seems rather pointless. 

Because it's not just the WM payout, it's also the royalties from appearing on the DVDs and other documentaries, and documentaries about making the DVDs, and DVDs about making the documentaries, and all that stuff.  Kind of like how the Beatles would finance Ringo's future coke habit by throwing him a song on every album and thus guaranteeing him an income for the rest of his life instead of just cutting him a check out of the real songwriters' profits.