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QOTD 128: Best Call, Last Call!

What up BODyDonnas! Today's question comes from Joe!

"Brian (Bayless)'s exhaustive summary of WCW 1998 has just moved past Havoc.

Despite their many flaws, didn't the WCW callers/production team just absolutely nail that main event? They made it feel like a tactical match-up, free of any silly plot shenanigans. To my mind, it's the best-called match I've ever witnessed. I guess that's why I hate WCW; for what it could have been.

That said, my other most memorable call is King of the Ring for utterly different reasons. It was so clearly ridiculously insane and JR/King just went with it.

What do you think is the best called match or matches from mainstream rasslin?

Didn't someone post Kevin Nash on WCW Thunder Commentary once? Probably not that.