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BOD Community Questions

Hey Scott. So some of us were talking a few days ago about The Blog and the community that sprang up from it. A few questions were brought up.

Did you think that a community with in depth discussions about all topics would develop on the blog? Or did you think the comment section would be filled with "nice rant" or "you suck"?

Do you hate the community? Do you hate the emailers? Do you like us? Are you indifferent? Or are we just a way to make tables full of money?

Also, there's rumors around the water cooler you like me (Magoonie). you like me? Or do you like like me? Check yes or no.

​Really, is this a thing we're doing now?  Because I'm not a huge fan of the metatextual stuff, but I'll give it a pass this time.  

I definitely did not think discussions would spring up outside of the wrestling topics, mostly because I live firmly in the bubble that WWE does and tend not to pay attention to the outside world.  My hopes for the comments were to basically create a sort of non-trolling alternative to what RSPW used to be, somewhere where people could hang out and talk wrestling without getting harassed, and I've tried hard to maintain that.  

I like most of the e-mailers and commenters, although I don't tend to associate one with the other unless someone notes who they are in the e-mail.  Usually it's pretty easy to tell who annoys me and they don't tend to hang around for long.  Except for Dougie, who for some reason manages to hang around for years.  

Overall I enjoy the feedback and I find it really interesting how much of a disconnect there sometimes is between the stuff I enjoy and the stuff you guys enjoy.  I also think you guys put WAY too much faith in my faulty and aging memory because I have to look up 90% of the questions in old WONs at this point.  Honestly, anyone who puts any kind of serious stock in things I answer in 10 seconds off the cuff is pretty misguided.  But as you have all discovered several times over the years, if I didn't enjoy doing something, I would quit without notice and then maybe come back to it years later and do a half-assed job of it.  So there's that.


  1. I still say once Caliber came in is when this place became more of a community.

  2. Magoonie NOT Teddy BelmontApril 28, 2014 at 11:32 PM

    Sorry Scott, it was a discussion in a thread about the genesis of this little community and these questions popped up. Farva said I should ask you since in his words you like me (you never did check a box, sad face). So if you need to ban somebody over this question, ban Farva. Thanks for answering though.

    When I first read your second sentence I thought you said "metrosexual", took a bit before I read it right.

  3. Magoonie NOT Teddy BelmontApril 28, 2014 at 11:33 PM

    That seems about right.

  4. Meta jokes are funny in small doses but of course it gets run into the ground by mid carders. Then they turn it into a cringy e fed and make up gimmicks.

  5. Magoonie NOT Teddy BelmontApril 28, 2014 at 11:34 PM

    Caliber did help, esspecially with the QOTD idea but even a little before that we were highjacking some threas with off topic discussions about tv, movies and life stuff.

  6. And eventually they turn into *real* wrestling promotions, like Chikara!

  7. Magoonie NOT Teddy BelmontApril 28, 2014 at 11:39 PM

    Is that a shot at the BOD RAW thing Bayless does? Because that is incredibly entertaining. The guy puts a lot of effort into making sure there are some good jokes only we get while picking stuff out that's happened through the week.

  8. Not it is a shot at commentators who go into other threads acting like this place is an efed. It's annoying.

  9. I come here every day but I don't really feel like part of a community. Obviously I post much less than many people here, but I have a hard time remembering who's who among the posters outside of a few regulars. If someone changes their avatar or modifies their username, I'm lost as to who they are.

    As far as Dougie goes, I think I'm one of the few that gets a kick out of the guy on a consistent basis. Obviously he trolls but he's quick witted and entertaining in a crotchety sort of way.

  10. I'm with you on the avatar thing. I kept wondering where the Statler and Waldorf guy went.

  11. Yea, was legit curious on what your intentions/direction were fir the blog. Granted this is the only wrestling website I visit but things like live threads, the daily updates, plus the reviews gives this place a nice diversity

  12. The 1 thing I give Scott props for is his ability to stay above the fray. I've never seen him get into a flame war or even have any real confrontations here n in the comments section. He has trolled me a few times though so

  13. And eventually, they turn into political movements like The Tea Party.


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