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Daily Network Thread - 4-17/14

The Network live stream schedule for today:

9:00 AM ET - RAW Flashback - 12/5/93 - The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Shawn Michaels; Gorilla Monsoon confronts Bobby Heenan; Owen Hart challenges the Superstar of the Year.
10:00 AM ET - RAW Flashback - 12/12/93 - Bret Hart vs. The Brooklyn Brawler; Randy Savage vs. Headshrinker Fatu.
11:00 AM ET - No Way Out 2012 - 6/16/12 - John Cena vs. The Big Show in a Steel Cage Match; Kane vs. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship.
2:00 PM ET - Old School - 3/18/90 - MSG - The Ultimate Warrior vs. Mr. Perfect for the WWF Intercontinental Championship; Bret Hart vs. Rick Martel.
4:30 PM ET - Wrestlemania I - 3/31/85 - Hulk Hogan and Mr. T vs. Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff.
7:00 PM ET - Wrestlemania XXX Fallout Part 3 - Relive three matches from Wrestlemania XXX followed by the post-match press conference.
8:00 PM ET - Legends' House - Premiere episode; the legends reunite and get acquainted with the neighbors; back the the Legends' House, tempers flare.
9:00 PM ET - WWE NXT - Colin Cassady vs. Aiden English; The Great Khali vs. CJ Parker; Adrian Neville vs. Brodus Clay.
10:00 PM ET - Warrior Week continues - Part 3 of 4.
11:00 PM ET - Legends' House - Replay of the premiere episode.

Recommended viewing: Well...uhhhh....I did a search for Sting, and the very first match that appeared on the list was Sting vs. Vampiro in a Human Torch Match from Great American Bash 2000. It got me thinking about searching for some of the worst matches, or bad idea gimmick matches. I'm talking so bad that you can't help but laugh at it. If you have one, throw it down.....right here, in the Network thread.


  1. " I'm talking so bad that you can't help but laugh at it."

    So basically the match equivalent of one of your reviews?

  2. Here's some old school Warrior goodness for you. Warrior and Sting as the Bladerunners in UWF managed by "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert and with Jim Ross and Cowboy Bill Watts on commentrary. Classic stuff. Love the theme music too. Love it:

  3. Stranger in the AlpsApril 17, 2014 at 7:50 AM

    That ECW Hotline joke with the Hangin' with Mr. Cooper punchline was funny!

  4. If you write a good joke in a review and no one reads it (because you wrote it) is it still funny?

  5. Hate to do that with it being Warrior week, but Warrior v. Hogan @ Halloween Havoc, and the Jackie Gayda/Chris Nowinski vs. Trish Stratus/Bradshaw match from RAW back in (I think) 2002 come to mind

  6. Stranger in the AlpsApril 17, 2014 at 8:01 AM

    I'm so glad your sardonic and sarcastic self has graced the Blog today. I'm going to have another ECW review up later on. Please leave a comment.

  7. You're Welcome! I am just trying to treat you like a girl... be mean to you so you keep coming back for more!

    And I will be sure to comment on it... hell if my day stays at the pace it has so far might even READ it!

  8. Jackie Gayda would have fit in much better if she had come along today. Hot, marginally talented and... well that's it. If memory serves she was the first person to beat Torrie Wilson in one of those "Make noise for the best bikini" contests things.

  9. Punk/Bryan/Kane was an awesome match. Everyone should check it out.

  10. Bad idea gimmick matches?

    Kennel from Hell
    Judy Bagwell on a Pole
    The stupid fucking TNA cage match when the cage was a giant damn red birdcage and the only way you could win was climb through that little hole in the top.

    Honorable Mention: Coal Miner's Glove

  11. Chamber of Horrors match, Havoc 91. So much wrong with that match.

  12. Doomsday Cage match. Just... Jesus, what the fuck?

  13. See, Kennel from Hell actually sounded cool in theory, but in practice, the indifference of the dogs - not to mention their extracurricular activities - ruined the match. That strikes me as the sort of thing that should be tried out at a house show to see if it could work (like the Bret-Shawn IC ladder match from '92) before you put it on a PPV.

    As for some of my favorite bad idea gimmick matches:

    Chamber of Horrors
    Blindfold Match
    DNA on a pole
    The convoluted "football classic" match that Foley writes about from his days in Memphis, which may have been a blast to watch live, but sounds fairly complicated.
    Oh, and the scaffold match. Whoever thought THAT was a good idea?

    Also, the WWF Magazine preview of WM7 indicated that the Bulldog-Warlord match would HAVE to be won with either the full nelson or running powerslam, which just seems kind of silly to me.

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  15. True, but I dont think she would have gone much further....she doesnt really stand out. I think her run in TNA was about as far as she was going to go. I think Nidia would have had a good run in TNA had she come along now (they love the redneck angles)

  16. How about Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXVIII. Still mad about that match.

  17. HA, I'd 'almost' forgotten about Judy F'n Bagwell on a Pole!!!!

  18. The match that basically kicked off a two-year journey toward making Daniel Bryan a centerpiece of the WWE? That match?

    Yeah, I'd be pissed about it, too. Fucking burial!

  19. Think I'm taking the day off before moving on with my chronological PPV and instead have some legends and countdowns going on in the back ground. Up first is the entrances countdown.

  20. People whine about it as if it didn't totally make him. The irony.

  21. Nobody looks long term anymore because of how fast-paced booking has become since the Attitude Era, when slow-burns like what they did with Bryan were common place before monthly PPVs.

    Can you imagine booking Savage from WM3 through WM5 today? Those two years would have taken about 6 months.

  22. Wait...Sandman is in the top entrances but they don't pay of metallica....and then start with Joey saying his entrance is great because you don't need a budget to do it?!?!

  23. Kennel in a Celll? Only with the Mick Foley/Kevin Kelly "special" commentary.

  24. BTW (sorry if this is known but it's new to me) They have added a 1996 RAW with Warrior on it.

  25. Jeez, '96 Austin was a freaking psychopath.

  26. The RKO being on the top finishers instead of Diamond Cutter makes this list invalid.

  27. The video package for the Undertaker/Mankind Buried Alive is really good for 1996.

  28. The Doomsday Cage from 1996 is my favorite WCW monstrosity. Glorious crap.

  29. 1999 heel Triple H was so lame until the wedding angle.


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