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Harrington Asks The Tough Questions

Yeah, what IS up with the TV rights announcement, anyway?   You'd think if they got their big money deal they'd be shouting from the rooftops by now.  Awesome column by @mookieghana as usual.  


  1. The WWE is not getting their big TV rights deal. Comcast/NBC called the WWE's bluff. There are no other bidders out there. At least no other bidders who will pay $200 million per year for wrestling.

    They were banking on that increase to overcome the expected Network shortfall for Year 1. No increased rights & no 1 million subscribers = losing money.

    WWE lost $12 million in Q4 2013. Probably did similar in Q1.

  2. Man, that's a lot of questions.

  3. There's too much content out there and it's too involved a process to be a WWE fan that follows everything. The chips are all in with the network. Raw can stay on cable, NXT can be weekly on the network, and promoted better. Smackdown is a hassle that in my view does nothing bit oversaturate guys while not advancing stories.

    The WWE took it's DVD And Blu-Ray division and drive a big nail through them. Why would I ever buy best WCW PPV matches now? I would look up the match listing then watch these matches on the wwe network vault.

    The archive should have been "netflix-ized" presenting me stuff that would be on-demand (like....On Demand / 24-7) for a month. And each month would ideally give me a WCCW episode, a SNME or a clash, a (good) pay per view, a raw or nitro, a prime time and a house show.

    The live stream needs to be better. I have no concrete ideas here, except that Legends House sucks.

    This is all to be taken with a grain of salt. I'm not a WWE executive, just a fan presenting what I see as the issues.

  4. "Why would I ever buy best WCW PPV matches now?"

    because there are people that like to own stuff. if you have a dvd/bd it can't be pulled from the online service. there can't be additional changes etc.

    "The archive should have been "netflix-ized" presenting me stuff that would be on-demand for a month."

    how is that an improvement for the ones watching?

  5. Network isn't everywhere available. And I don't want to rely on an internet connection if I want to see wrestling.

  6. BUT IT'S JUST LIKE SPORTS! WWE is a sport too......when it is convenient!


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