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HBK at WM X7, or not

Hey Scott, 

I was wondering if you knew if there was any truth to the rumors that 

1. HHH was supposed to beat the Undertaker at WM X7, thanks to interference from Shawn Michaels, and 

2. the plan was changed at the last minute because when Shawn showed up, he was in no condition to perform.

As I recall the UT win over HHH at WM X7 was flushed down the memory hole almost immediately, as Trips joined up with Austin the night after Mania, and there was really no attempt to build upon Taker's win over him. Or... maybe my memory is faulty, I dunno. 

​That's more or less it, although it wasn't really "last minute". He had been getting worse and that match was kind of HHH's attempt to keep Shawn from getting fired.  And it proved to be rock bottom for him and prompted him to change, so good for him and all of us.  ​