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Isn't That Special?

Hey Scott I had a quick question, With PPVs now being "specials" do you think WWE is likely to experiment more with when they air these specials?  Back in the day Survivor Series was on Thanksgiving and then was moved to Thanksgiving eve.  Since they aren't chasing the buy rate as much in the coming years might they try this again or possibly move some fall PPVs off Sunday night when going against football, baseball playoffs and so on?

​I don't think so, just because they're still locked in with PPV obligations everywhere but the US at the moment and messing with that would be throwing away money that they don't need to.  Plus they have to lock in dates for the buildings months in advance.

What I COULD see them doing is filming house shows as a network exclusive as something to put on there.  Hell, make it a part of the sales pitch for the network, ala NFL Sunday Ticket where wrestling nerds can watch all the WWE they can handle.  ​