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Lightning Round–00s Edition

I tuned out post-Attitude Era, and after watching some unimpressive PPV's from the following years on the Network, here are some lighting round questions for 2002-2009:

1) Bigger detriment to the product: "Booger Red" Taker, or Reign of Terror-era Triple H?

HHH, because he’s smart enough to where he should have known better.  Plus Taker was at least trying to put new guys over. 

2) Biggest bust as a potential  new main-eventer: Hendreich, Kozlov, Kennedy, Lashley, or other?

Lashley by a country mile.  They gave that dude the PRIME spot in the biggest drawing PPV in history and he was all “derp derp derp, maybe I’ll do MMA instead and suck at that.”

3) The brand split: good idea, stupid idea, or just the only option at that point? (I personally hate it.)

Only option at that point.  They had too many guys and needed some sort of illusion of competition. 

4) Best non-WM PPV of this era?

The one with the Rock-Angle-UT 3-way title match is the only one that immediately comes to mind as outstanding. 

5) Worst PPV of this era?

The one with Paul Bearer getting murdered by cement mixer. 

5) Worse period for wrestling: mid-to-late 00's, or early-to-mid 90's?

Oh, dude, if you had to live through the early 90s scene you wouldn’t even need to ask that question with a straight face.  Have you been READING the ‘94 RAW rants? That shit almost killed the entire BUSINESS! 

6) With the benefit hindsight, what's the biggest thing that could have been done to make this era better/more memorable?

Not killing off the WCW name two months into the experiment. 

There are a few gems to be found, but I don't feel like I was missing much during this time.

I tapped out after 2005, so I feel ya. 


  1. I didn't know you were a comedian Brian. When will you start being funny?

  2. Boom!

    Maybe later.

  3. Doge picture makes me laugh everytime. You could be talking about someone dying or something and I'd still-oh I'm so sorry :S

  4. Ha ha! I'm so sad, dude. Thank you guys for making me laugh a little.


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