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NXT - April 10, 2014

Date: April 10, 2014
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jason Albert, Rich Bocchini, Alex Riley

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

There aren't a ton of stories coming into tonight but the main event out of last week was Sami Zayn vs. Corey Graves being stopped to to Sami's head injuries. Other than that we also might be building to Neville vs. Clay in the future which isn't the worst idea for a first new opponent for Adrian. Let's get to it.

We open with an In Memory graphic for Warrior.

There's a new commentator named Rich Bocchini tonight. No idea if he's a permanent replacement for Phillips or not.

Adam Rose vs. Danny Burch

The fans think the party entrance was awesome. Rose prances around the ring to start but gets knocked into the ropes. He leans back and keeps lifting his feet to stop the charging Danny before running him over with some shoulders. Rose cranks on the arm but gets dropped by a single right hand. Adam comes right back with something resembling a Bronco Buster and more prancing, followed by a middle rope elbow for the pin at 2:54. Albert dances post match.

We look back at Sami Zayn being injured last week. The referee says he was doing the responsible thing and stopped the match for Sami's safety.

Corey Graves says that was just the beginning.

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley

Banks runs her over a few times for two each but Bayley comes back with rollups of her own. Sasha just goes off on her and hammers away before pounding on the back of Bayley's head. She chokes away in the corner and stomps on Bayley for two. We hit a double arm choke for a bit but Bayley fights up and comes back with some forearms. A running clothesline sets up a middle rope elbow to the jaw for no cover. Sasha tries to fight back but walks into the Belly to Bayley for the pin at 3:12.

Rating: D+. Not much to see here but the hugging obsession is almost impossible to not like. Sasha has charisma but there's only so much she can do if she keeps losing like this. That being said, both of these girls are almost ready for the main roster. They're not at Paige's level, but most of the Divas in WWE aren't either.

Sylvester LeFort vs. Mojo Rawley

Rawley crushes him in the corner to start and hits a Rear View followed by Hyperdrive for the pin at 47 seconds. Now THIS is what Rawley should be doing.

Post match Brodus Clay comes out to powerbomb and splash LeFort. “Better than Batista!” Clay still wants Neville and thinks he's earned a shot. He calls out Adrian again and here's the champion to call Brodus out on his whining. They stare each other down but Brodus walks out.

Oliver Grey is back but Camacho cuts off his promo. He doesn't like Adam Rose wanting to party all the time but Oliver cuts him off as well. Oliver wants a match against Camacho next week and it's on.

We look at the NXT guys at Axxess.

Khali is here and gets a hug from Bayley. CJ Parker comes up and is really hoping Khali recycles. Khali shouts in Punjabi but Bayley translates: the big man wants a match next week.

Here's Bo Dallas for a big announcement. He's seen what the YES Movement has done so it's time for the BO Movement to occupy NXT. The fans literally turn their backs on him and Dallas freaks out. “I GAVE YOU COOKIES!” He goes to ringside to yell before heading back in and falling to his knees in tears, saying this makes no sense. I could get behind a Bo Dallas that loses his mind.

We take a quick break to say Don't Try This At Home and come back with Bo's meltdown continuing. The fans want NO MORE BO and he weakly tries to turn it into Let's Go Bo. Now it's a Bo-Tista chant until JBL makes a rare appearance with a huge grin on his face. “Bo, your movement doesn't have enough people to occupy a see saw.” He makes a match right now.

Justin Gabriel vs. Bo Dallas

They circle each other to start until Justin nails a few cross bodies. A rollup gets a close two and Dallas bails to the floor. The fans want cookies as Dallas comes back in with a headlock. Justin fights up and sends Bo back to the floor again but gets knocked off the top rope. A suplex sets up a cravate from Bo and he sends Justin hard into the corner.

Dallas levels him with a clothesline but gets sent into the corner as well to put both guys down. Gabriel fires off a series of hard strikes and gets two off a springboard cross body. Bo reverses a tilt-a-whirl slam into a reverse DDT for a close two and both guys are winded. A hard kick to the back puts Bo down but he avoids a top rope Lionsault. Justin comes right back with a small package for two but walks into a double arm DDT for the pin at 10:00.

Rating: C. Not bad at all here as Bo is finally getting some character development that he's been needing after losing the title. That character can only be taken so far and the meltdown was the logical progression for his character. Gabriel was his usual strong hand in the ring here and looked good flying through the air.

Overall Rating: C+. This was more like it as the show set up two matches for next week plus a title program with Adrian's first challenger. Dallas going nuts was a great addition and the main roster guys' appearances continue to be used properly. I liked this show a lot as it felt like an old school NXT show.

Adam Rose b. Danny Burch – Middle rope elbow
Bayley b. Sasha Banks – Belly to Bayley
Mojo Rawley b. Sylvester LeFort – Hyperdrive
Bo Dallas b. Justin Gabriel – Double arm DDT

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  1. Seems like Bo did a fine job of sports entertaining the Full Sail audience. I'ma have to look this episode up.

  2. Have there been enough NXT episodes for one to qualify as "old school?" Maybe "last semester."

  3. Oh man, that Bo Dallas meltdown segment was glorious. Match afterwards was decent as well. Honestly I'm glad Bo isn't a super great wrestler as it would get the fans behind him easier and he's so much more entertaining as this character.

  4. Stranger in the AlpsApril 10, 2014 at 8:31 PM

    I am incapable of doing a proper Titus O'Neil bark.

  5. Of course, they'd kick you out for being on the phone all the time.

    Okay buddy, talk to you later. It's a busy life being an astronaut, and I got a hot date on Mars. (That's the joke part Farva, so don't call me out on that two months from now. LOLOL LULZ FARV FARV)

  6. Stranger in the AlpsApril 10, 2014 at 8:34 PM

    "I hear you jobbin'! I hear you whinin'!"

  7. Number of people surprised Titus is doing nothing after the PTPs broke up: 0

  8. See that's actually kinda funny because it's facetious. Making joke lines to bookend a serious post isn't a joke. I think you get that though. I'll miss you

  9. Stranger in the AlpsApril 10, 2014 at 8:37 PM

    Yeah, the whole point of breaking up tag teams is to make at least one of them a star.

  10. I hope beyond hope HHH likes tag team wrestling so this stops

  11. Stranger in the AlpsApril 10, 2014 at 8:39 PM

    And Kofi jobs to Titus. Wonder if Kofi is legit hurt.

  12. I've showed friends Adam Rose's entrance on YouTube. I am ready for this guy

  13. How it works, see, is that you don't understand anything because you don't comprehend things like an adult. From now on, I'll hold your hand (not literally because I'm in another country, it's a figure of speech) and point out what is serious and what is not. Take 'er easy, doc.

  14. "The Shield’s booking has been marked by a very atypical sort of realism for pro wrestling – they work out sensible plans of attack and defeat opponents through strategy, they talk out their issues reasonably, and they go have a reasonable chat with the boss before jumping to conclusions."

    That sentence right there is EXACTLY what I look for in wrestling discussion - picking up on the all the little details and nuance in the stories and performers. For instance, when discussing Cody Rhodes, I'll talk about how I love that he uses a lot of his former-partners' signature spots.

    As for "The Shield", I think it's exactly that type of genre-savviness (along with their talent, of course) that has made them so popular. People like intelligent characters.

  15. Lesnar's hometown reminds me of my own

  16. Thanks buddy. In return I'll monitor your bed times amd make sure you get enough sleep so you don't go Benoit on someone. See friends helping friends

  17. Thanks buddy. In return I'll monitor your bed times and make sure you get enough sleep so you don't go Benoit on someone. See friends helping friends

  18. Let's do it via webcam. Be sure to put on your scrubs so I feel like I'm really talking to a doctor.

  19. Just for you.

  20. For everyone, actually. They'll believe it then, too.

  21. Finally starting the bit of NXT I missed. Looking forward to Bayley

  22. Does anyone know what the announcers are referring to at wcw capitol combat 90 when they keep talking about luger being courageous and just getting out of the hospital? Was this some kind of angle or were they covering for luger or something?

    Also is this match where luger finally goes over? This has to be the record for most main event ppv rematches without the face winning.

  23. Maybe it's just me, but this episode's crowd didn't seem all that into the show. Maybe it's because of all the plants in the audience for the Bo Dallas segment. There wasn't much energy in the matches, and a lot of them sounded like they were at a two-bit indy.

  24. IIRC Luger worked hurt. Don't know the injury

  25. Mojo needs new ring gear and moves. He's got too much charisma to have a red diaper and an earthquake splash

  26. They've got something with Mojo but it needs more tweaking before he hits the main roster.

  27. Tossed on GAB 1990 after nxt. Southern Boys vs MXE...oh my.god.

    Wasn't terribly crazy about how they did the finish but otherwise completely insane and one of the 25 best matches I've ever seen. ****3/4


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