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QOTD 136 (2nd attempt): Strange Coincidences

What are some of the weirder coincidences you've experienced or come across in life?

Well, other than posting a QOTD two seconds ago that was exactly like a question Scott posted while I was writing it up, there are certainly far too many to mention off the top of my head.

One I will mention is that I, on a lark, downloaded a football game on my phone called "Pro strategy football 2012" and enjoyed it quite a lot. It reminded me a bit of an older, super obscure game I downloaded as a child called "Tom Landry Football", low and behold after contacting the dev and liking it on facebook, the guy who wrote this new game was actually the guy who made that Tom Landry game I discovered however many years ago.

Small world.

Another one: For whatever reason Mr. Winfield lists his hometown as Bridgewater, Massachusetts, which happens to be where I live, so for about a week and a half I thought we 1) Legitimately lived near each other and 2) Was this person Marc (with a c) I knew until I found out the guy lived in California.

I also have a long lost brother who let me design a car for him. The horn plays La Cucaracha.

Also Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy, Kennedy's was named Lincoln, and the guy on the grassy knoll actually grew up to star in "The League" believe it or not. 


  1. Hot Opener:

    Jung Dragons vs. 3 Count -
    Ladder Match: New Blood Rising (I'm trying to remember if there were
    any PPV matches involving Water Bumps, but I'm too lazy to research it)

    Requisite Ladies match

    Stephanie McMahon vs. Trish Stratus - WWE Women's Championship, No Way Out 2001

    Wild Brawl Garbage Match

    Edge & Mick Foley vs. Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer (plus the ladies) - One Night Stand 2006

    Better than it has any right being match

    Undertaker vs. Batista - Wrestlemania 23

    It feels so nice I'd watch it twice, match

    Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan - Wrestlemania 30.

    Special Attraction:

    Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. David Arquette - Triple Cage Match, WCW Championship, Slamboree 2000

    Main Event:

    Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock - WWF Championship, Wrestlemania XV

  2. Midnight Rockers vs Somers and Rose should be on here somewhere.

  3. "Tom Landry Football"? So you basically start every possession at 2nd and 8 with the assumption that first down was a run up the middle for two yards?

  4. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Psychosis (Bash at the Beach '96)
    Mike Rotnuda vs. Rick Steiner, TV Title (Starrcade '88)
    The Rockers & Tito Santana vs. The Rougeaus & Rick Martel (SummerSlam '89)
    Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat, IC Title (WrestleMania III)
    Chris Benoit vs. Raven (Souled Out '98)
    Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs. Lex Luger & Barry Windham, Tag Team Titles (Clash I)
    Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin, Submission Match (WrestleMania 13)

    HHH vs The Rock, WWF Championship (Backlash 2000)

  5. It's entirely possible. I was young and naive.

  6. Here’s my all-time terrible card:

    A hot opening match
    PN News/Bobby Eaton vs. Austin/Terry Taylor Scaffold Match from Bash 91
    A lower card title match (Cruiser, Euro, TV)
    Madusa vs. Evan Karagias for the WCW cruiserweight title Starrcade 99
    A tag team match (not for a title though)
    Al Snow/Steve Blackman vs. T&A from WM2000
    A mid card title match (IC, US)
    Rocky Maivia vs. The Sultan for the IC title, WM13
    A solid mid card match (or you could put a women's match here)
    Bad News Brown vs. Roddy Piper WM6
    A tag team title match
    Kronik vs. Brothers of Destruction for the WCW tag-titles, Unforgiven
    A grudge/gimmick match
    Red Rooster vs. Bobby Heenan, WM5
    A main event title match (WWF/E, World, ECW)
    Hulk Hogan vs. The Butcher, Starrcade 95

  7. I was trying to figure out where I would put this match and decided on Rockers-Orient Express instead

  8. Perhaps if your posts were more succinct you would've beaten Scott to the punch?

  9. A hot opening match: Bret Hart v. Owen Hart, Wrestlemania X
    A lower card title match (Cruiser, Euro, TV) : Eddie Guerrero v. Essa Rios, Backlash 2000
    A tag team match (not for a title though) : Edge and Christian v. The Hardy Boys (No Way Out 2000)
    A mid card title match (IC, US) : Jeff Jarrett v. Shawn Michaels, In Your House 2
    A solid mid card match (or you could put a women's match here) : Trish Stratus v. Jazz, Backlash 2002
    A tag team title match: Demolition v. Andre The Giant and Haku, Wrestlemania 6
    A grudge/gimmick match : Triple H v. Chris Jericho, Fully Loaded 2000
    A main event title match (WWF/E, World, ECW) : Ric Flair v. Ricky Steamboat, Chi-Town Rumble

  10. I like NWA wrestling...but sometimes it's hard to get past the pot bellies and mullets.

  11. Rey Mysterio Jr vs Psicosis (Bash at the Beach 96)
    Booker T vs Scott Steiner (TV Title, Uncensored 99)
    Bull Nakano and Akira Hokuto vs Mayumi Ozaki and Cutie Suzuki (World War 3 95)
    Rick Rude vs Ricky Steamboat (US Title Iron Man, Beach Blast 92)
    Taka vs Sasuke (IYH Canadian Stampede)
    Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan vs Nasty Boys (Tag Title Street Fight, Slamboree 94)
    Bret Hart vs Steve Austin (Submission Match, Wrestlemania 13)
    Ric Flair vs Terry Funk (NWA World Championship, Great American Bash 89)

  12. I like it.... I would go:

    Rey vs. DEAN, any of them
    Great Muta vs. Sting
    Canadian Stampede 10-man Tag
    3-way Inter-Euro championship match, Benoit, Angle, Jericho, WM 2000
    Alundra Blayze vs Bull Nakano
    R&R Express vs. Midnight Express
    TLC 2
    Flair vs. Steamboat, 2/3 falls

  13. Some others that come to mind quickly are:
    Hogan vs. Warrior (Havoc '98)
    Chamber of Horrors (Havoc '91)
    Undertaker vs. Giant Gonzales (Wrestlemania IX)
    Jake Roberts vs. Jerry Lawler (Summerslam '96)
    Jerry Lawler vs. Roddy Piper (KOTR '94)


  15. I think Meekin, or someone with a similar handle to him, is the top comment in a Gawker thread about the Jew-hating, Ron Paul-loving guy that killed three people yesterday.

  16. More specifically I'm the top commenter saying I generally dislike hypocrisy, if that story had been written instead about videogames, or an action movie, or some other thing that wasn't ya know, fun to hate on - like Ron Paul or Republicans in general, people would be up in arms about how it's unfair to blame whatever the macguffin the person was into for his motivations.

  17. Didn't you get owned on jezebel?

  18. Eh, I never really try to make very much of a serious point or communicate what *I* think, more than I just like to play the other side of the fence and see everyone go nuts.

    Every story has two sides, and if EVERYONE is on one side of the fence, generally speaking, that's bad for everyone.

  19. I don't think you know how blogger's drafts view works, sir.

  20. Random thought:

    Does it bother anyone else that Bryan wears the World Title around his waist, and the WWE Title he carries in his hand? When the hell are they making a new belt?

  21. I like the idea of Saturday Night's Main Event, or special house shows on the Network. They're gonna have to think of something to hook people in. I don't think getting the PPVs at a cheaper rate is going to draw in enough subscribers.

  22. I spotted Bret Hart in the crowd at a hockey game. The '99 Memorial Cup Final.
    That night, Owen Hart fell to his death.

  23. But my point is that, for the people prone to insanity, you can't count on those lines to be clear. So when something is posted about "7 year old shoots Grandma over Grand Theft Auto" and people IMMEDIATELY jump to defending gaming / entertainment / etc, and DON'T do the same because they care less passionately about Ron Paul or politics in general, it's a little hypocritical.

    Plus at this rate I'd argue politics are entertainment unfortunately, thanks to the fact most news is for-profit etc.

  24. No way. House shows are much more fun and loose than Raw/Smackdown, and for that reason they'd probably never air on the network. But it would be fun to house shows.

  25. Like it matters, Zeke was champ for what? 45 seconds?

  26. Opener: Rey Mysterio v. Psicosis - Bash at the beach 1996
    Lower Card title match: Mike Rotunda v. Rick Steiner (TV Title - Starrcade 89)
    Tag team match: Raven/Perry Saturn v. Dean Malenko/Chris Benoit - Spring Stampede 99
    Mid-Card Title Match: Randy Savage v. Ricky Steamboat - WM 3
    Solid Mid-Card match: Okay....I'm changing the rules here, but Chris Benoit v. Raven from nWo Souled Out 1998. Yes, I know I already used them in the tag team match (and if you MUST, replace it with The Hardys vs. Edge & Christian from the T.I.T.) but I have to include it if for no other reason for Raven's CREEPY grin as he passed out from the crossface
    Tag team title match: Diesel/Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon/1-2-3 Kid from Action Zone 1994...anyone who has seen this match would agree that it is a classic!
    Grudge/Gimmick Match: The First Wargames - Omni, Atl 1987
    Main Event Title match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock - Wrestlemania X-7

  27. Damm this one is pretty good too

  28. "and the guy on the grassy knoll actually grew up to star in "The League" believe it or not."

    What? Please elaborate

  29. Yeah, they're fun. Just not as fun as indie shows.

  30. Razor Ramon vs Ted DiBiase Summer Slam 93
    CW Title Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero Halloween Havoc 97
    Shield vs Team Hell No & Ryback TLC 12
    Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect Summer Slam 91
    Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker WM26
    Tag Team Title Steiner Brothers vs Sting & Luger SuperBrawl 1
    Mick Foley vs Edge WM22
    World Title The Rock vs Steve Austin WMXV

  31. 10 years later, with tears in my eyes, I told Bret Hart that it was the greatest hockey game I had ever seen in person.
    (The tears part isn't true. The rest is.)

  32. Grassy Knoll, Nick Kroll, Nick Kroll is in the league.

  33. Some is the right word, because all they do is repeat the same card night in and night out.

  34. I imagine he felt differently.

  35. Saturday nights would be better.

  36. Mick Jagger's girlfriend hanged herself. My name is Mick. Paul told me to hang myself, which, as of now, I have not.

  37. You win this thread

  38. That doesn't make any sense at all.

    We're not even dating.

  39. So you are saying you don't ever defend your point on any given issue? Or am I reading that wrong?

  40. Well so much for this thread.

  41. Of course.
    The Calgary Hitmen lost.

  42. Should of just fed it chocolate.

    A much cleaner job.

  43. I gotta take this challenge....I watched bash 91 and had the same thought
    A COLD opening match: If I cant use The aforementioned scaffold match, I'll go with the "King of the Road" match from WCW Uncensored 1995 Dustin Rhodes vs. Barry Darsow (under whatever gimmick he was using) in the back of a truck
    Lower card title match: Kennel from Hell: Al Snow v. Big Bossman - Hardcore title 1998
    Tag team match: Jackie Gayda/Chris Nowinski v. Trish Stratus/JBL on RAW
    Mid-card title match: Sting v. Jeff Jarrett - Halloween Havoc 2000
    Solid mid-Card match: Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior Halloween Havoc 98
    Tag team title match: Any 2014 RAW match involving The New Age Outlaws
    Grudge/gimmick match: Hulk Hogan/Randy Savage vs....The Entire WCW Heel roster - WCW Uncensored 1996 (I know, I know....already used hogan)
    Main Event World title match: okay.......
    DOUBLE Main Event World Title match:
    #1 - Steel Cage Match: Vince Russo vs. Booker T. - NITRO 1999
    #2 - Casket Match: Undertaker vs. Yokozuna - Royal Rumble 1994

  44. It makes sense than having to struggle holding both on your shoulders.

  45. "(some of these jokes are just for me)"

    Then keep them to yourself

  46. Call me crazy, but I didnt think Chamber of Horrors was all that bad.....I still think either of the cards above is more watchable than Heroes of Wrestling 99


  48. Whoa when did pictures start showing up in the comments again?

    Also LOL

  49. Compared to some of the above, Chamber of Horrors seems like a masterpiece!!

  50. Not at all, I'm saying that if you believe with a blind rage something so strongly that the people who disagree with you are evil, morons, or stupid, you should probably re-calibrate and figure out WHY they disagree with you, versus hating them for what they believe in.

    I mean you were in politics you probably have more experience with this than I do since I'm certain you served as the communications director of the Bartlett Administration - but I heard this ridiculous thing on NPR a bunch of years ago about this black guy who befriended members of the KKK versus like, hating them forever, and the level of insight, and poignancy that came from that piece was world-view changing.

    My point is that it's easy to have your beliefs. It's easy to hate people who don't agree with you. It's HARD to understand where someone else is coming from and attempt to get in their head. When it's not about 'winning' and more about 'discussion' it's a little easier, but it's rarely about that.

  51. Okay.

  52. UNDERTAKEROONIE! I would watch an occasional house show on the Network. the house shows I've attended have always been a lot of fun.

  53. Oh, good call on Cap'n Mike vs. Steiner for the TV title. What a great moment.

  54. Yeah maybe it was a bad choice. I'm not as down on it as some are. I guess it rubbed off on me. I was never that offended with the match.

  55. You bastard how'd you do that?

  56. This is gonna be one of those threads.....

  57. I don't know. I'm on my phone and it still only shows up as a link.

  58. Thanks, although I'm starting to think it would be one long f'ing card.

  59. It looks like Farva's photo was a fluke. Rats! it's a sad otter.

  60. He shouldn't have been sad. It's not liked anyone die.....oh.

  61. Ok... I don't disagree... but I still don't think there is anything wrong with relentlessly advocating for a position you feel strongly about... if you result to ad hominem attacks then you probably wither lack a certain amount of emotional control, or understanding of your point... but people who just fall back on "Everyone is entitled to their opinion" and don't really advocate for anything are far worse than any of the groups we have mentioned thus far because they don't challenge anyone's thinking on anything.

  62. What is the difference between a SNME and a Raw at this point? Back in the 80's, a SNME was a huge deal because we could actually see Hulk Hogan wrestle on free TV. What would be the catch now? So we can see John Cena wrestle?

  63. I'm actually making a spreadsheet to watch these "PPVs" to keep them coming!

  64. In that case, put the more important title around your waist.

  65. You're like a play by play guy for threads

  66. Honestly I don't have much of a problem with his writing... I just find him very irritating... and for whatever reason I want to bully him something fierce... we should really "Don't comment on your own original content" type rule.

  67. That is very apt. He will end up with 30K comments by 2015 and still have less characters types than someone with like 7K

  68. A slight cheat
    Bret - Owen, Mania X
    Cruiserweight Battle Royal/Malenko - Jericho, Slamboree 98
    Savage - Steamboat, WM III
    Trish - Victoria, Survivor Series 2002
    Rock and Roll Express - MNWC, Starrcade 86
    Magnum - Tully
    Royal Rumble 1992

  69. Yea. Play by play guys play it pretty straight down the middle. Chan can be on color and just rip everyone. It'd be a good team.

  70. Stranger in the AlpsApril 14, 2014 at 2:11 PM

    Recently found out that I'm descended from Huguenots (Protestants) from France, who fled the country and scattered throughout England and Ireland, before my descendents finally settled in Nova Scotia, and possibly Virginia. My wife's family is of the same last name with possible ties to Virginia. So we may be 147th cousins, twice removed.

  71. You used Shawn twice.

  72. or they could at least put up more of those houseshows that they already have filmed (there must be DOZENS of shows that have never been aired anywhere).

  73. * Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H (WM30)
    * The Midnight Express vs. The Fantastics (US Tag Titles - yeah I broke the rules, I don't care - Clash I)
    * Dean Malenko vs. Rey Misterio, Jr. (Cruiserweight Title - Bash '96)
    * Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle (WM21)
    * Lex Luger vs. Brian Pillman (U.S. Title - Havoc '89)
    * Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin ("I Quit" - WM13)
    * Arn Anderson & Larry Zbyszko vs. Dustin Rhodes & A Mystery Partner [Steamboat] (World Tag Team Titles - Clash XVII)
    * Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk (World Title - Bash '89)

  74. Who had money on Scott including a bullrope match when constructing a card out of all of the matches in history?

    Mine would probably be something like:

    Opener: Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio (Summerslam 2002)
    TV title: Muta vs Sting (GAB 89)
    Tag match, non-title: Brainbusters vs Hart Foundation (Summerslam 89)
    IC title: Savage vs Steamboat (WM3)
    Women's tag titles: Jumping Bomb Angels vs Glamour Girls (Royal Rumble 1989)
    Tag Titles: HHH/Austin vs Jericho/Benoit (Raw)
    Hardcore match: Edge vs Foley

    Main Event for WWE Title: Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk

    bonus match since neither man is on the card: Hogan vs Rock

  75. Stranger in the AlpsApril 14, 2014 at 2:16 PM

    Abeyance and thebraziliankid on commentary = Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton

  76. I think you're missing the point. Whether it's a house show or SNME or a gimmick card like King of the Ring, it would feature John Cena. It's just something to add to the Network. SNME is a solid brand that still has some life to it.

  77. Serious answer: I became Eskimo brothers with my high school nemesis in undergrad, 3 states away

  78. So I did. I'd say swap out Shawn-Jarrett for Rude-Sting Clash of the was in '91.

  79. If done properly, yes. Think about the normal WWE PPV, there are like 3-4 top level matches. Take one of those matches and move it to a SNME to headline it.

    So instead of, say, the Wyatt/Cena rematch being on Extreme Rules, it would headline an SNME special.

    Also, the appeal of SNME in this context is that they'd give away PPV-quality & length matches.

  80. Personally, if PPVs aren't bringing people in, I don't see taped house shows doing it either. The market for people who'd probably be interested in watching house shows are already subscribed. If not, they'd need something more than house shows. I'm not sure what that something more is, but I don't think it'll be house shows.

  81. Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart - WrestleMania 10
    Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero - Halloween Havoc 1997
    Midnight Express vs. Rock n Roll Express - WrestleWar 1990
    Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit - Royal Rumble 2001
    Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels - WrestleMania 21
    Lex Luger & Sting vs. The Steiner Brothers - SuperBrawl 1991
    Triple H vs. Cactus Jack - Royal Rumble 2000
    Steve Austin vs. The Rock - WrestleMania 17

  82. Could not agree more. They have the "wrestling nerd" market cornered. They need the "I like John Cena and I'm 14" crowd on board to make it work.

  83. TJ: Warrior's death was revealed to be a heart attack as a result of a cardiovascular disease, which had a history in his family. Really sucks.

  84. We feeling a big letdown from last week's Raw?

  85. Yeah man, wholeheartedly agreed. Less matches, more bureaucratic lectures about proper corporate etiquette.

  86. I think it's kind of interesting that so far nobody has included a Cena match, and I'm the only one with a Bryan or Punk match (though I did consider both men's title matches with Cena).

  87. Anybody watch Mad Men? I'm off for the next few days and thinking about attacking that series. The reviews are obviously great, but as someone who has only seen commercials and read some reviews: it looks kinda boring

  88. The best-ever use of the Dusty finish

  89. I love it. Its a slow show though. If youre not into the characters you will hate it.

  90. I watched the first episode, it was good, but haven't watched more than that.

  91. Yep, you're both right. The wrestling nerds like all of us on this blog are already signed up. Wrestlemania is done, so what's the next hook? Legends House ain't it.

  92. These are all pretty good. Can definitely tell people's personal preferences in style/federation/territory by the card the put together. Good styff

  93. The hardest part for me was picking a tag team match that wasn't for a championship.

  94. It's weird. It's really well acted, shot, directed, and the 'world' they build is pretty great, but nothing really...happens. Which is unfortunately the point of that show. It's a "Men lead lives of quiet desperation" kind of thing, and you feel it.

    It also is lacking a lot of the REALLY juicy subtext and foreshadowing that the Sopranos had, but its decent enough.

  95. Sports bars and establishments like that will raise holy hell if they ever tried to move the Super Bowl to Saturday night. Instead of 2 nights of heavy traffic and making money (your average Sat. night and then Sunday for the game), you're condensing it to one night. And doesn't the NFL make money by selling the game to these sports bars?

  96. Everyone raves on it... I couldn't get through more than a couple of episodes.

  97. Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart - WMX
    Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero - HH97
    Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat - WM3
    Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz - Elimination Tables Match - RR2000
    Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker - WM25
    Sting/Lex Luger vs. Steiner Brothers - SB1
    HHH vs. Chris Jericho - Last Man Standing - FL2000
    Steve Austin vs. The Rock - WMX7

  98. Ours are a lot alike.

  99. I've watched the first 5 and a half seasons (I need to catch up on season 6 before the new season), and I really enjoy the show. That might have something to do with my unhealthy fixation on Elizabeth Moss, though.

    I really do like the show, but it took me watching the whole of Season 1, which I binge watched on DVD, before I was really hooked.

    I thought my girlfriend, who has a bit of a feminist bent, would hate the show, but she's really gotten into it, too. I'm guessing because of John Hamm.

    I'd give it a shot and try to make it through the first season at the very least. That's when it really gets good.

  100. He almost triples my post count, and I'm sure I've typed out more words total than he has.

    Of course, most of those are defending myself from Parallaxian attacks, so your mileage may vary...

  101. Earning my approval is a worthy endeavor for all BoD posters.

  102. I tried to think up a clever joke about the Guardians of the Universe defending themselves from Parallaxian attacks, but I don't even know if Parallax exists in the New 52 so fuck it.

  103. Most of Cena's best matches are title matches and we can only list one of those.

  104. I love these challenges, but I think you should be able to use a wrestler twice. Come on, how many times has a wrestler been in multiple matches in an evening? So I think we can make an exception for a DREAM SUPERCARD, right? Daniel Bryan just wrestled twice at WM XXX, haha. Okay my list:

    Steiners vs. Big Van Vader/Mr. Hughes (Clash XVIII)-my fav all time tag match
    Sting vs. Great Muta (GAB 1989) TV Title
    Midnight Express vs. Ric Flair and Barry Windham (Clash IV)

    Lex Luger vs. Dangerous Dan Spivey (Wrestlewar 1991) US Title
    Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs. Terrence Taylor (Halloween Havoc 1991) My fav all time match and unknown and under-appreciated ***** classic.
    Doom vs. Rock and Roll Express (GAB 1990) World Tag Titles
    Edge, Cactus Jack, and Lita vs. Funk, Dreamer, Beulah (One Night Stand 2006)
    Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior (WM VI) WWF title

    Crap I used Eaton twice and didn't mean to.


    Sorry, but that was too good a line not to use.

  106. Stupid Skittles Lanterns ruined everything. I'm pretty sure it does, especially as the embodiment of the Yellow Lanterns (Sinestro Corps). As far as I can tell, Hal still became Parallax, despite the problems that comes with the reboot.

    Death of Superman didn't happen as it did in the Old 52, but Green Lantern history hasn't been altered... DC makes my head hurt sometimes.

  107. Oddly enough the first girl I embarrassed myself in front of was his mother also... I can't help it, she is an attractive lady.

  108. I spend WAAAAY too much time feeding your ego.

  109. ...and yet you keep doing it. What does that tell you?

  110. Once my girlfriend and I decided to move to Chicago at the start of 2009, I found out that my sister and her boyfriend (now husband) also decided to move to Chicago, independently of any discussion with each other.

    That's all I've got. I live a very boring life...

  111. By God they're fruity, they're Skittles.

  112. I have nothing better to do with my time and work bores the shit out of me?

  113. There is a whole internet full of ways to waste your time out there but you choose this... I can't help it I have a magnetic personality (Note: I do not buy any of this, but I have to maintain kayfabe)

  114. AverageJoeEverymanApril 14, 2014 at 3:03 PM

    thats a helluva lotta snowflakes

  115. I'd do other things, but wasting time on the BoD is a lot more fun.

  116. Or do what Kurt Angle did and wear both around your waist.

  117. But Chicago is awesome! So much to do! Unlike Podunk Massachusetts!

  118. I've lived in Chicago. I've lived in Podunk Western Massachusetts. Now, I live in New York City. I'm not going back to either of the other places, thank you very much.

  119. Man I'd move back to Chicago in a hot minute. Things open 24 hours, underground video game arcades inside record stores, Hot Dougs, an awesome Indie wrestling scene, 24 hour public transportation...

    *hits up Chicago's Craigslist, wistfully sighs*

  120. Mister_E_Studd_Got100ProblemsApril 14, 2014 at 3:19 PM

    When my wedding was still being planned I was at a friends house, and another of his friends was there who was also planning her wedding. We were just drinking beer and BBQing and he asks us what dates we had in mind and we responded in unison and we were within one day of each other, the other couple the Friday, and us the Saturday.
    We were having a chuckle over that and the host asks what we were planning on for our wedding song(s), and again we replied in unison with the same song.

  121. I've always been a huge fan of Chicago. Never lived there tho. Some of the best nightlife of anyplace I've been in the states imo

  122. Mister_E_Studd_Got100ProblemsApril 14, 2014 at 3:20 PM

    Cousin fucker!

  123. Mister_E_Studd_Got100ProblemsApril 14, 2014 at 3:22 PM

    I would expect nothing else.

  124. Mister_E_Studd_Got100ProblemsApril 14, 2014 at 3:24 PM

    I get that you're trying to build a portfolio with some of this stuff, but you're going to have some 'splaining to do re: the otter thing if any future employer cares to look you up.

  125. I always wanted that to culminate in him going for the five count after the match, and the guy kicking out at four to start a program, maybe culminating in a five count match or something.

  126. Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero - Vengeance 2003
    Chris Benoit vs Booker T - Spring Stampede 1998
    Chris Benoit and Arn Anderson vs The Giant and Kevin Sullivan - BatB 1996
    IC & Euro Title Match: Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle - WM 2000
    Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle Ultimate Submission Match - Backlash 2001
    WWE Tag Titles: Chris Benoit/Kurt Angle vs Edge/Rey Mysterio - No Mercy 2001
    Chris Benoit vs Kevin Sullivan Retirement Match - BatB 1997
    WHC Match: Chris Benoit vs HHH vs HBK - Wrestlemania XX

  127. I just want a Farva/Punk type meltdown/flame war from you on something.

  128. I'll tell you this...despite the length of your PPV, the only person that negates the "Use only once rule" would be Savage since he was in the 1992 Royal Rumble...other than that, your completely clear!

  129. And engaged in a sister-wives kind of cabal situation?

  130. I think that's the biggest problem with authority figures. What can you really do to a guy at this point that isn't repetitive? I'd like to see HHH come up with more creative punishments if we must be subjected to it.

  131. Mister_E_Studd_Got100ProblemsApril 14, 2014 at 3:33 PM


  132. Chris Benoit 8 times? Lol

  133. Twist: He kidnapped the wrong Bella Twin.

  134. Mister_E_Studd_Got100ProblemsApril 14, 2014 at 3:36 PM

    One time when I was like 18 I was driving home and a white cat darted out in front of me and I couldn't stop and I skooshed it. This was maybe 2 blocks from home.
    That same day our new white kitten had run away and was never seen again.

  135. Not ECW, WCW, or WWF

  136. My supposedly dead father is actually alive but now is more machine than man and is attempting to rule this galaxy far far away for some reason. His former mentor and now mine cut off his arms and legs and left him to burn alive around all this lava. He keeps changing from being silent to screaming, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! for no apparent reason.

    Also where I live is really boring and my dad cut off my hand.

    God these people around me are all a bunch of dicks.

    I want to ask this princess out who keeps hanging around the pilot we hired to take us to this planet to deliver some walking trashcan. Also we have an asexual goldman traveling with us.

    Well gotta go meet some 3 ft green guy again who talks weird.

  137. Tried it, but it was too slow for me. Same with Game Of Thrones, but I should probably give that another go.

    On another point, once I've finished Warehouse 13 Season 4, I'm looking for another sci-fi/actiony show, and I'm thinking about either The Walking Dead (Seasons 1-3 for £30) or Person Of Interest (Season 1 for £10). One, the other, both, neither?

  138. Mister_E_Studd_Got100ProblemsApril 14, 2014 at 3:42 PM

    You really like things that vaguely sound like other things, huh?

  139. Brian Pillman vs. Johnny B. Badd-Fall Brawl 95
    Mr. Perfect vs. The Texas Tornado-Summerslam 90
    Razor Ramon and Marty Jennetty vs. Sycho Sid and The Kid-IYH 5
    Eddie Gurrerro vs.Rob Van Dam-Backlash 2002
    Lita vs. Trish Stratus-Unforgiven 06
    Edge and Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit-No Mercy 2002
    Randy Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior-WrestleMania VII
    Steve Austin vs. The Rock-WrestleMania X-Seven

  140. I actually have a pretty serious opportunity to pitch some show ideas to the WWE Network and I'm currently contemplating if i want to hit the great big internet Panic button or not before I send them to the guy who wants to interview me.

  141. I blame my 7th grade English Teacher.

  142. "And that little boy who nobody loved, grew up to be.........Roy Cohn. And now you know.....the rest of the story." is what that line made me think of (and Tom Landry's hat signed by Tom Landry for the other story. I've watched too much Simpsons. Nah, you can't watch too much Simpsons.

  143. Stranger in the AlpsApril 14, 2014 at 3:49 PM

    First, there was this:
    Now, check this out....weird coincidence?

  144. That's a great dub all things considered. Though I have to say it's weirdly endearing how the SECOND after he says the N word he gets a look of "oh shit" then a half smile, then turns away to stop from laughing. Great stuff.

  145. Off the top of my head...

    Daniel Bryan v. Bray Wyatt (Royal Rumble 2013)
    Tully Blanchard v. Nikita Koloff (NWA TV title, GAB tour 1987)
    Freebirds v. The Von Erichs (World Class six-man title, 1984 Parade of Champions)
    Mr. Perfect v. Bret Hart (WWF Intercontinental title, Summerslam 1991)
    Kurt Angle v. Chris Benoit (WrestleMania X-7)
    The Enforcers v. Rhodes & Steamboat (WCW World tag team title, Clash XVII)
    The Dudleyz v. The Hardyz v. Edge & Christian (TLC, WrestleMania 2000)
    Ric Flair v. Sting (NWA World title, GAB 1990)

  146. Back in 2009 I was making a serious effort to make my living with music. I managed to get a spot opening for a guy named Dan Navarro at a house concert just outside Chicago. I didn't know who the guy was, and he didn't know me. We were talking before the show; I introduced myself. He remarked that he grew up friends with a Lorenz family. Turns out we're both from Calexico, a small town on the Mexican border in CA, and my mom was a few years ahead of him in school, and he had a huge thing for my aunt who was in the same grade.

    How fucking weird is that?

    We maintained a semi-friendship for a few years, and I opened for and performed with him a number of times. Good times.

  147. Does WWE Have a Cooking Show / Work out show?

  148. Pretty sure he knew he had heart issues. He made nice with WWE to help provide for his family, IMO.

  149. This is all true but you have to hold on to the "wrestling nerd" market too so stuff like this couldn't hurt. Maybe they can have an all Cena house show.

  150. What would be cool with the house shows is if they don't do anything to present it like it is on TV: no commentary, no multicam. Basically the best possible version of a fan video.

    Barely related question: has Lesnar worked any house shows since his return? I'm not aware of him doing so, which would make his performances on huge shows- even though not all of his matches have been classics- way more impressive, doing them without having worked in front of a live crowd leading up.

  151. Undertakeroonie?


  152. Never seen person of interest but Walking Dead is pretty good. Not sure what you're particular interests are but I'd suggest Homeland and/or Boardwalk Empire if you haven't watched those yet. Fantastic stuff

  153. Watching the Hogan/Nash match and Buffer introduces Nash as "Although he's from Detroit, he's a citizen of the world!!!"


  154. That was around the time WCW went downhill really fast.

  155. I met my first real girlfriend in my first year of university (college) campus years back. 3 years after finishing uni me and some old friends went back to the campus to check out our old grounds and right outside where I used to live, a girl was dropping off a male friend/whatever and as he left the car she said "see ya Nick" (my name) and he said "bye Jen" (my old girlfriends name). I still wonder what the fuck that was about.

  156. It is, I don't blame the finger poke of doom tho. It made sense to reform a huge heel stable that Goldberg can just run through. It was the follow up and injuries that just killed ot

  157. Well, they just put out a DVD about things that happen after Raw goes off the air (not a house show, I know) and one of the things was Booker T, Rocky, HHH, and finally Vince trying to shame Taker into doing a spinaroonie.

  158. Magoonie NOT Teddy BelmontApril 14, 2014 at 4:44 PM

    Bret Hart vs Owen Hart WM X
    Liger vs Pillman Cruiser Title, Superbrawl 2
    Nasty Boys vs Cactus/Maxx Payne, Spring Stampede 94
    Rick Rude vs Sting US Title Match, Clash of the Champions 91
     Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho, WrestleMania 19
     Benoit/Angle vs Rey/Edge, No Mercy 2002
    Austin vs HHH No Way Out 2001 Three Stages of Hell 
     Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat Chi Town Rumble 2/3 Falls

  159. Maybe one day Farva, one day.....

  160. Magoonie NOT Teddy BelmontApril 14, 2014 at 4:48 PM

    This was my question btw, I would watch the hell out of the cards listed here. Hopefully one day WWE does add a playlist feature you can share. Oh, sorry Paul, it had been a while and I kinda thought you forgot about the question.

  161. Magoonie NOT Teddy BelmontApril 14, 2014 at 4:48 PM

    Mins sharing the results?

  162. Magoonie NOT Teddy BelmontApril 14, 2014 at 4:52 PM

    Sorry Paul, it had been a while and I thought you forgot about the question so I threw it to Scott. My bad.

  163. Magoonie NOT Teddy BelmontApril 14, 2014 at 4:55 PM

    To be fair I sent the question to Paul over two weeks ago.

  164. The Ghost of Faffner HallApril 14, 2014 at 4:56 PM

    My aunt moved in with my grandmother to take care of her, and they started taking my grandma's cat to a nearby veterinarian. The vet's last name turned out to be the same as my grandma's maiden name... and what's more, according to my aunt at least, the vet could have been my doppelganger. She said we looked exactly alike. This might suggest we were related somehow, except that I'm adopted, and am not related to my grandma or aunt by blood at all.
    Disappointing coda: just after my grandma passed away I met that same veterinarian when he came into my store, and I didn't see the resemblance at all.

  165. The Ghost of Faffner HallApril 14, 2014 at 5:00 PM

    Also, I hate to be that guy, but Lincoln never had a secretary named Kennedy. (I realize it was a facetious comment, but people still pass that off as fact and it bugs me.)

  166. Hot Opener: Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart, 'Wrestlemania 10'
    Lower Card Title: Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero, Cruiser Title, 'Halloween Havoc' 97
    Non-Title Tag match: Hardys vs. Dudleys, Tables Match, 'Royal Rumble 2000'
    Mid-Card Title match: Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho, IC Title Ladder Match, 'Royal Rumble 2001'
    Women's Title Match: Lita vs. Trish, Raw
    Tag Title Match: Steiners vs. Sting/Luger, 'SuperBrawl'
    Grudge Match: Undertaker vs. Michaels, 'Wrestlemania 25'
    WWF Title Match: Rock vs. Austin, 'Wrestlemania 17'

  167. Trying a more modern spin on this while aiming for mostly under-represented matches thus far:

    Daniel Bryan v. HHH (Wrestlemania 30)
    Hardcore Title: Raven vs Rhyno (Backlash 2001)
    Ric Flair/Batista/Orton vs Rock/Mick Foley (Wrestlemania 20)
    IC Title vs Mask: Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho (The Bash 09)
    Steve Austin vs Bret Hart (Survivor Series 96)
    Tag Titles: Luger/Sting vs. The Steiner Brothers (SuperBrawl 1991)
    Hell in a Cell: HBK vs Undertaker (Badd Blood 97)
    WWE Title: John Cena vs CM Punk (Money In The Bank 2011)

    Tag Titles was the hardest choice for me as I wanted to stay away from gimmick tags since UT/HBK is on right after. Can't think of many great non-gimmick tag matches without Jericho in the modern era.

  168. My picks would be:

    1. Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart [Wrestlemania X]
    2. Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio [Cruiserweight title match, Halloween Havoc 97]
    3. The Hart Foundation vs. The Brainbusters [Summerslam 89]
    4. Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon [Summerslam 95]
    5. Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie McMahon [No Way Out 2001]
    6. Angle & Benoit vs. Edge & Mysterio [No Mercy 2002]
    7. TLC 2 [Wrestlemania X7]
    8. Steve Austin vs. The Rock [Wrestlemania X7]

  169. No chance in hell Brock's dates are being used on house shows.

  170. lol no worries. the QOTD actually had an apology in it, so, apologies on my end as well, sir.

  171. "The wrestling nerds like all of us on this blog are already signed up."

    A friendly "speak for yourself" from me. ;)

  172. HowmuchdoesthisguyweighApril 14, 2014 at 5:24 PM

    Ramon vs ted? I remember that card but barely remember the match. It's good enough to be on here? If so I'll be checking it out. Love the shield debut as the non title tag match btw.

  173. Probably. But until anything is proven, they've got my eyes on tonight.

    (Note: They lost me about two hours into this week's equivalent last year. So we'll see.)

  174. HOW DARE YOU attempt to impugn her character in such a crass manner.

    (Psst... you're right though. ;) )

  175. This is the age of the time of the something something... zzz... zzz...

  176. I don't remember when this was, but I remember reading about a six man that had Cena, Punk, and Big E... and the entrance reactions went from YAY!/BOO! to YAY! to "WTF"?

    Now, Big E's not useless by any stretch, and getting cheered during the 6-man last week shows he has good value/potential... but that entrance may have doomed his current ceiling.

  177. You can get away with using guys twice... but Bobby Eaton?

    I love the guy... but no.

  178. Blitzkrieg vs Juventud- (spring stampede 99)

    Rey vs Eddie (havoc 97)

    Japanese 6 man tag (barely legal 97)

    Luger vs Steamboat (bash 89)

    HBK VS Angle (WM21)

    TLC 4 - E&C vs hardys vs Dudley's vs Jericho/Benoit

    Undertaker vs Mankind (king of the ring 98)

    Austin vs The Rock (WM 17)

  179. Walking Dead is good, but season 2 was kinda slowish. Still worth watching, though. It's a really fun show.

  180. The Love-Matic Grampa!April 14, 2014 at 8:01 PM

    I'm in the same boat with both shows, can't get into them.

    Now it's back OnDemand, I think I'm going to have to finally watch The Wire.

  181. Do it. You won't regret it. Seriously

  182. Obviously, she was still married to his dad...

  183. Rey Mysterio Vs. Psicosis (BATB 96)
    Owen Vs. Bulldog (European Title, RAW, 1997)
    Nasty Boys Vs. Cactus Jack/Maxx Payne (Spring Stampede 94)
    Mr. Perfect Vs. Bret Hart (IC Title, SummerSlam 91)
    Bull Nakano Vs. Alundra Blayze (Womens Title, RAW, 1994)
    Arn Anderson/Larry Zbyszko Vs. Dustin Rhodes/Ricky Steamboat (WCW Tag titles, Clash XVII
    Shawn Michaels Vs. Undertaker (Hell In A Cell, Badd Blood 97)
    Steve Austin Vs. Kurt Angle (WWF Title, SummerSlam 2001)

  184. I think it was a short but not boring opener and afaik the last (WWE) match from dibiase. But you can change it with Bret vs Owen and then Jericho vs Benoit for the IC title from maybe Rumble 2001 or so. :)

  185. I have no desire to order their network

  186. So, not necessarily from PPV, then, which I think has been overlooked. This is damn near the best card I could think of, featuring all the guys I wanted on there! And The Usos!

    Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt (RR '14)
    Owen Hart vs. British Bulldog (WWF European title tournament final, Raw '97)
    CM Punk & The Usos vs. The Shield (Smackdown '13)
    The Rock vs. HHH (WWF Intercontinental title ladder match, Summerslam '98)
    Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels (30 minute Iron Man match, Raw '05)
    Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho (c) vs. Edge & Christian vs. Dudley Boys vs. Hardy Boyz (WWF Tag-Team title, TLC III, Smackdown '01)
    Macho King Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior (Retirement match, WM 7 '91)
    Bret Hart vs. Undertaker vs. Steve Austin vs. Vader (WWF World title elimination cage match, Final Four '97)

  187. Kudos on the Euro title match inclusion, I was feeling all smug like only I had remembered that! (Inevitably, there will turn out to be 30 instances of it below that I missed...)

  188. That was TLC 3 I think, not 4. Great match!

  189. I'm sure there was a Guerreros vs Angle/Benoit one in the Smackdown Six era, although a specific one isn't leaping out at me.


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