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Sacrifice 2014

Sacrifice 2014
Date: April 27, 2014
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

This is one of TNA's rare PPVs and it's actually coming on the heels of another. That being said, there's not a ton of interesting stuff happening in TNA at the moment. The big stories are Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode in a tables match and Eric Young vs. Magnus II for the World Title, which isn't doing much for me as a main event feud. Let's get to it.

The opening video is narrated by Eric Young and talks about how Eric isn't the typical champion and how he's doing all of this for the people. Magnus says he's above Eric and the people and was born to be a champion. TNA actually claiming this isn't taken from Daniel Bryan makes me chuckle.

Tag Team Titles: Bro Mans/Zema Ion vs. Wolves

It's three on two with the Bro Mans/Zema defending. They've cheated time after time to keep the titles using help from whichever member wasn't in the match at the time so tonight everyone is in the match at the same time. Before the match Eddie gets on the mic and asks Christy to read something. It's a note from MVP saying this is now No DQ.

The Wolves clean house to start and low bridge the champions to the floor before LAUNCHING Ion over the top to the floor. Stereo dives take the Bro Mans out again before the Wolves take turns mauling Zema with whatever painful looking strikes they can think of. Ion finally gets in a shot with his laptop to put Eddie down and the champions take over. Davey is dropped throat first onto the barricade as we finally get down to one on one.

Jesse gets two on Edwards off a powerslam before Robbie comes in to choke with some tape. Off to Ion who gets slapped in the face but comes back with a hard elbow to keep Eddie in trouble. Back to Robbie for a chinlock before the champions start double teaming Edwards. A nice dropkick from Jesse gets two but he gets caught in a belly to back suplex. The numbers game keeps the champions in control though as Ion pulls Richards off the apron and prevents a tag.

Back in and Eddie takes both Bro Mans down with a double hurricanrana before the hot tag brings in Richards. Davey cleans house and throws Robbie into Zema for a front facelock (as in Ion has Robbie in the hold) before dropkicking Ion down, forcing him to DDT Robbie at the same time. That was so contrived looking I can't begin to comprehend it. The Wolves dominate the champions and hit the double double stomp on Jesse for the pin and the titles at 10:15. Tenay's reaction is as unemotional as I have ever heard for a title change.

Rating: C. Very stupid DDT spot aside, this was a nice choice for an opener. The fans love the Wolves and reacted well enough to the title change, but the impact is kind of lost due to this being the second time they've won the belts. The No DQ stipulation wasn't needed at all here and was only used for the laptop spot, which could have easily been a knee to the back.

Samuel Shaw says he's a perfectly normal man and will send Anderson to the mental institution tonight.

We recap Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson. Basically Shaw is nuts and stalked Christy Hemme so Anderson is fighting for her. Shaw's mom is named Christy and is straight out of a horror movie, offering everyone pie and acting like her son is perfectly normal.

Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

Commitment Match, meaning you have to take your opponent outside and put him in a van to win and the loser goes to a mental institution. Shaw runs away from Anderson to start and Christy is at ringside. After hiding behind Christy, Shaw is sent into the post, apron and barricade to give Anderson the early advantage. They head inside with Shaw nailing Anderson in the ribs with a shoulder but missing a charge and falling back to the floor.

Shaw grabs the standing choke on the floor and puts him out in a few moments but now has to drag him to the back. Instead he drags Christy inside and says she's coming with him whether she likes it or not. Christy slaps him in the face but Shaw seems to like it. The distraction lets Anderson get back up and nail a clothesline and neckbreaker to send Shaw crawling up the aisle. Anderson says no no no and sends him into the barricade before kicking Samuel in the face.

A Mic Check off the stage is countered with some elbows but Anderson hits the rolling fireman's carry instead. He says Shaw is going for a little ride but first it's a chair to Shaw's ribs and back. Anderson whips him into the barricade again and they head into the interview area.

They find JB and Anderson makes him interview Shaw while holding him in a headlock. Shaw is put on a cart and wheeled into some metal boxes as they find the van. The distraction of opening the doors lets Samuel get in a few cheap shots as Christy comes in. She distracts him before hitting Shaw low and there's a Mic Check to send Shaw into the van for the win at 10:30.

Rating: D+. Well that....happened. I doubt this is the end of the feud because it's TNA and things don't end after a few gimmick matches, but there's no reason for them to keep going. At least Christy didn't turn on Anderson to side with Shaw like I was expecting, but there's still time for her to do something stupid like that.

Ethan Carter says he didn't do anything wrong by beating Kurt Angle because it was all about making a name for himself. Angle has been in the ring with a bunch of legends and won a bunch of titles, but there's one man that Angle will never ever (repeat about 15 times) and that's Ethan Carter. Spud doesn't like Willow either.

Rockstar Spud/Ethan Carter III vs. Willow/Kurt Angle

Carter hides in the ropes to avoid Kurt to start before quickly tagging in Spud. Angle just stares as Spud tries to get fired up before threatening to knock Spud all the way back to England. Back to Carter as we're over a minute and a half in with no contact. Ethan bails to the floor as the stalling continues. Back in and Angle tries an ankle lock but Carter dives over to tag Spud in. The Englishman goes outside too as we've had about 15 seconds of action in three minutes.

Willow gets the tag and dives onto both guys who fail to catch him, allowing Willow to crash onto the floor. He was holding the umbrella at the time so the fans chant Mary Poppins. Angle misses a charge into the steps and Willow has to take both heels down with a Whisper in the Wind back inside. Carter gets in a cheap shot though and Spud hammers away to take over. A snap suplex gets two on Willow as Angle is still down on the floor. I'd guess he's still hurt given how much he's been laying around.

The double teaming continues until Angle sneaks in for some rolling Germans on Carter. There's the ankle lock but Spud tries to make the save with a sleeper. That goes about as well as you would expect and it's an ankle lock on Spud until Carter chop blocks Kurt down. Willow breaks up a leg lock and cleans house until Spud is left alone in the ring against both good guys. Twist of Fate into the Angle Slam into the Swanton is good for the pin at 9:05.

Rating: D+. This could have closed the first hour of any episode of Impact. Angle isn't ready to come back full time yet after that knee injury and in that case, he needs to sit down again for awhile. It's obvious that they're hiding his condition and that's fine, but it doesn't make for interesting matches. I'm assuming Carter doesn't lose until BFG.

Eric Young loves when the fans cheer for him and he's not losing the title because it makes him feel too good.

Knux and his girlfriend are coming back to TNA. She says he'll get all the rebel he can handle, which I think is her name. Knux says there will be two other people joining them: Crazy Steve and the Freak. Rebel isn't pleased.

Video on Sanada winning the X Title and how important it is in Japan.

X-Division Title: Sanada vs. Tigre Uno

This is the third match in a best of three series for the title. Feeling out process to start and they trade some near falls until it's a standoff. A hurricanrana puts Tigre down to the floor for a breather before Sanada catches him in a rolling cradle for two. Tigre comes back with a rollup of his own and a kick gets the same. A freaky looking neck lock (think a headscissors on the mat with Tigre cranking on the arm) has Sanada in trouble but he quickly counters into a dragon sleeper.

Tigre escapes again and tries a springboard but gets dropkicked out of the air in a nice counter. Back up and a Jericho springboard dropkick sends Sanada out to the floor. A sloppy flip dive takes out Sanada again but he's able to get his knees up to block a moonsault back inside.

Sanada hits a pair of springboard chops to the head drops Tigre but he comes back with a release suplex to send Sanada into the ropes. The challenger goes up top but gets pulled down with a top rope hurricanrana. Sanada misses his top rope moonsault and Tigre escapes the dragon suplex. A cradle DDT puts Sanada down again but he avoids a Phoenix Splash, setting up the moonsault to retain the title at 9:40.

Rating: C. Take two guys and let them fly around for a few minutes. They didn't mean anything at all and it was pretty much every single cruiserweight match ever in WCW that didn't have Mysterio, Kidman or Guerrera. I also have no idea why this was a best of three series as it meant nothing at all.

James Storm promises to cut Gunner down to size.

We recap the I Quit match. Storm and Gunner randomly teamed up just under a year ago before turning on each other after losing the titles to the Bro Mans. This is I believe their fourth gimmick match of the feud.

James Storm vs. Gunner

I quit match. They slug it out to start with Storm getting the better of it and knocking Gunner out to the floor. Storm whips him into the barricade hard enough to knock it over on top of Gunner. They fight over the steps with Gunner taking over with a hard clothesline. Gunner throws him back inside and finds a trashcan filled with toys. Storm kicks the ropes low into Gunner as they come back inside before an Elevated Stunner (think Orton) but Gunner won't quit.

A pair of chair shots still won't make Gunner quit and a cookie sheet still doesn't do the trick. Storm chokes away in the corner until Guner FINALLY comes back with a running knee to the face to take over. It's time for the first weapon from Gunner as he grabs a trashcan lid and blasts Storm in the head over and over. Storm finally gets one of his own for a duel but Gunner keeps control.

Gunner nails a swan dive but this time it's Storm that won't quit. Instead Gunner tries a charge but goes hard into the post to change control again. Storm sends him into the post one more time and plants Gunner with an Elevated DDT on the floor. Naturally Gunner isn't ready to quit yet and Storm is getting frustrated.

Storm finds the beer bottle and blasts Gunner in the head to cut him open but of course Gunner won't quit. Off to a Boston crab of all things but Gunner is quickly in the ropes. Some belt shots to the back have Gunner in trouble and there's the Last Call to put him down again. He still won't quit though so Storm just rips at the cut to draw more blood. Gunner rams his own head into the buckle and screams NEVER before hitting three straight F5s.

With nothing else to do, Gunner sets up the two chairs in the ring and bridges the barricade across it. A HUGE superplex puts Storm through the steel and both guys are almost done. Gunner picks up a piece of the beer bottle and drives it into Storm's head to make him quit at 19:04.

Rating: B-. Now NEVER LET THEM FIGHT AGAIN. Yeah the match wasn't bad but I just don't need to see this match ever again. We get it: Gunner can beat James Storm. Now let us find out what he can do against someone else. Gunner getting the spot instead of Young makes more sense, but I guess Young's goofiness is just better for business. Or something.

Angelina Love says Madison Rayne is a charity case and tonight she'll win her sixth Knockout Title.

Knockouts Title: Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne

Madison is defending and quickly knocks Angelina out to the floor with a shoulder. Angelina has a meeting with Velvet Sky and comes back in for a headlock and shoulder of her own. Madison takes her down with a nice trip but can't use the headscissors face slam into the mat. Instead it's a baseball slide to send Love back to the floor but she sends a following Rayne face first into the apron.

Back inside and the Beautiful People take turns choking on the ropes and in the corner to little avail. Madison gets a quick sunset flip for two but gets sent to the floor where she beats on Velvet a bit. Back in and the challenger puts on a figure four with her legs in a nice touch. An enziguri puts Love down again though and now the face slam works.

Velvet tries to help her friend but the champ dives on both of them in an awesome visual. They head inside again and it's the Rayne Drop for two. Angelina's Botox Injection (Brogue Kick) gets the same and the fit is thrown. Madison comes back with a spear but Velvet sprays her in the eyes with hairspray, allowing Love to roll Rayne up with a handful of tights for the pin and the title at 8:15.

Rating: C-. It's a Knockouts match so you've seen the whole thing before at least a few times. Angelina winning the title again makes sense in storyline terms but it's still nothing new. I don't really care about the Beautiful People reunion as it feels like we've traveled back in time instead of doing something that might get people to care. That almost never works in wrestling, at least when the past act is the focus.

Bully Ray starts a tables chant and promises to put Bobby Roode through the wood.

We recap Ray vs. Roode, which is fallout from Lockdown where Ray turned on Roode and cost his team the main event. They've put each other through tables ever since, setting up this tables match.

Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode

Tables match. They slug it out to start with the Bully getting the advantage and nailing a nice backdrop. A side slam has Roode in trouble and Bobby is bleeding from the lip. The Flip Flop and Fly has Roode down again and it's already table time. Ray takes too much time though and Roode gets in a shot to take over. Bobby knocks him off the apron but can't drive Ray through a table.

Back in and Ray hits a dropkick of all things but takes too much time getting a table, allowing Roode to come back with a nice neckbreaker. Bobby sets up a table in the corner and they fight over a suplex with neither guy being able to pull it off. With that not working, Bobby shoves him into the corner and yells a lot before kicking Ray in the chest. He loads up Ray's powerbomb but gets backdropped down for his efforts.

Roode snaps Ray's throat across the top rope but Bully chops the skin off Bobby's chest back inside. Neither guy can hit a powerbomb through the tables and there goes the referee. Of course now Ray is able to powerbomb Roode through the table with no one seeing it but the fans.

Ray goes to get another table but takes too long, allowing Roode to hit a spinebuster. The Roode Bomb through the table doesn't work so Bobby goes up, only to dive into the cutter. Ray puts Roode on two tables at ringside before going up top, only to have Dixie Carter in a beard (seriously) appear and shove him through the tables to give Roode the win at 13:55.

Rating: C-. The match wasn't bad but the ending made my head hurts. As I said earlier, we've seen these two put each other through tables for weeks now and seeing it happen again at a bearded Dixie Carter's hands (I can't get over that) doesn't make it any more interesting. It's just something else that happened and it's not much to see.

Magnus says that he'll show Eric Young what a wrestling champion is tonight. He has no backup so he can prove his biggest criticism wrong. Magnus: “You can call me Wreck-It Ralph because there's no one I'd rather be than me.”

We recap Magnus vs. Eric Young. Eric won a gauntlet match for a shot at the title later in the night where he won the belt in a shocker. Tonight is Magnus' rematch which is basically people's champion vs. man destined to be a champion. This gets a music video treatment which is basically a career retrospective for Young.

TNA World Title: Magnus vs. Eric Young

We get the big match intros and Eric is defending. The fans of course chant USA for the Canadian champion. Magnus gets in Young's face to start and shoves him into the corner as we get a SUPER ERIC chant. Young comes back and takes the Brit down before walking over his spine. Back up and they trade headlocks until Magnus cranks on both of Eric's arms with a knee in the back. Eric rolls out with ease and Magnus heads outside to think about it.

The champ hits a nice plancha to take Magnus down and the fans chant EY. It's so nice that we look at it again and the background is missing, so instead of a graphic in the back it's the same video that is on the mini screen in the replay. Eric dives off the apron into a belly to belly (replay again and this one works) to give Magnus control. Back in and we hit the chinlock on Young followed by a knee that might have been low.

Eric tries to fight back but gets caught in a drop toehold into a camel clutch. We get a light dueling “Let's Go EY/EY Sucks” chant as Eric fights up and they both hit cross bodies. That works so well that they do it again with clotheslines and both guys are down. Eric wins a slugout and scores with a flying forearm followed by a clothesline. Magnus escapes the piledriver but gets caught in a nice belly to belly. The champion misses a moonsault and gets slammed down, setting up Magnus' top rope elbow for two.

A wheelbarrow suplex into a neckbreaker puts Magnus down and it's Eric's elbow connecting for a near fall. Young still can't get the piledriver as Magnus counters into a Kingsland Cloverleaf. A rope is quickly grabbed though and it's Eric putting on a horrible looking Scorpion until Magnus makes the ropes even faster than Eric did. Magnus nails him with a right hand on top and a slam down gets two more. The referee stops Magnus from bringing in a hammer, allowing Eric to connect with the piledriver for an even closer near fall. There's a second piledriver and the elbow to retain the title at 15:44.

Rating: B-. So I guess Eric is the long term plan because.....well because they've tried EVERYTHING else and it hasn't worked. This was actually far better than I was expecting as they told a decent story, though the ending didn't really work too well. It's the match of the night for sure though and a good way to close a show.

Overall Rating: C. This just didn't do it for me. I see no reason for this to be a PPV and it feels like their old Russo shows: gimmicks added for no reason at all (No DQ in the opener and the van stuff with Anderson vs. Shaw), stories that just keep going (Storm vs. Gunner) and a main event that tried but just didn't feel like a big match because of who was involved.

It's not that the show was terrible because it did have its moments, but it's a reflection on how unappealing TNA really is at the moment. It's a watchable show and the main event isn't bad, but it's nothing worth going out of your way to see. Also, where was Abyss? As in the guy that Impact was built around last week. I'd assume he didn't make the show because they didn't have time to figure him in because this show had SO much thought put into it right?

Wolves b. Bro Mans/Zema Ion – Double stomp to Godderz
Mr. Anderson b. Samuel Shaw – Anderson threw Shaw into the van
Willow/Kurt Angle b. Ethan Carter III/Rockstar Spud -
Sanada b. Tigre Uno – Moonsault
Gunner b. James Storm – Storm quit after being cut with a beer bottle
Angelina Love b. Madison Rayne – Rollup with a handful of tights
Bobby Roode b. Bully Ray – Dixie Carter shoved Ray through two tables
Eric Young b. Magnus – Top rope elbow

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  1. Good accurate review.

  2. TJ - Lee Marshall is doing Road Reports from up above. RIP

  3. Wow, a clean finish to a TNA main event, that's a rare thing.

  4. TNA fucking sucks. That is all

  5. kbwrestlingreviewsApril 27, 2014 at 9:21 PM

    Much appreciated.

  6. I'm shocked with some of those getting B-'s.

  7. kbwrestlingreviewsApril 27, 2014 at 9:28 PM

    I thought those two were good. To be fair though I came in with zero expectations which usually helps a lot.

  8. Well glad to see the main event was actually good, EY has always been a really good worker when he's not repeating stale comedy segments for months on end.

  9. If TNA was a wu-tang memeber they would be capadonna.

  10. Threadjack, just watched Raw finally. Holy shit, the video package for the 3MB/Matadores feud was EPIC. The slow motion before Hornswaggle and Torito jumped at each other was perfect.

    See, that's when WWE comedy actually works.

    Too bad Drew has joined Chavo in the "My career is over because I laid down for a midget" category.

  11. So Samuel Shaw is supposed to be my generation's Nailz?

  12. The matches themselves weren't bad, as usual. The workers are usually fine for the most part, except for the EC3 types. Retarded booking and dumbass crowds are what drag TNA down.

  13. My favorite comedy spot of the past few years was Foley/Santino doing a standoff in the 2012 Royal Rumble.

  14. I always feel like you sacrifice yourself so we can read about these awful shows. This one sounded extra bad, though.

  15. This was easy compared to some of the Thunders. TNA can do some good stuff when they stop overthinking everything and just have fun.

  16. Your_Favourite_LoserApril 27, 2014 at 11:27 PM

    "Neither guy can hit a powerbomb through
    the tables and there goes the referee."

    it was a blown spot, too

    i think the ref was supposed to get kicked in the face, but the kick missed by a few inches, and the ref realized it was his cue, and then stumbled back a little as if shocked, and then hit the mat. they tried showing the replay but it was clearly a botch, and then it wasn't mentioned again

    another nice botch was during shaw's entrance, the announcers said "conspicuous by her absence is christy hemme." then a few seconds later the camera showed her via closeup at ringside, and taz said "and there's christy hemme."

  17. Your_Favourite_LoserApril 27, 2014 at 11:32 PM

    i bought the show. i got what i expected for the most part (the x division match was a touch off). the i quit match was weird. it wasn't necessarily a good match, but it was a brutal match, if that makes sense. also, the ending was weird b/c gunner picked up the piece of glass to dig into storm's head, but before he started doing that blood started to flow from where he eventually was going to place the glass. did storm blade and there was too much of a pause b/w blading and gunner going to cut him? not quite sure what was going on there; the blood flow literally started right as gunner placed his hand near storm's forehead, but before he made contact

    gotta admit, both spud and ec3 made their match fun with their reactions and mannerisms

    it's kinda sad that tna in the last few months has lost some of the bigger guys: aj, sabin, daniels, kazarian. who the hell do the wolves feud with? joe is out for who knows how long, and aries is apparently in the dog house. it sorta feels like 2000 ecw

  18. Your_Favourite_LoserApril 27, 2014 at 11:34 PM

    like tommy mentioned, they had a really nice video package showing his different gimmicks over the years. i personally loved "secret agent" eric, who would roll through hallways trying to avoid detection; i believe this was right before "don't fire eric" eric

  19. Your_Favourite_LoserApril 27, 2014 at 11:35 PM

    this crowd was bad, even for an impact zone crowd. it's like they tried to emulate wwe's smarkier crowds (which themselves only work in select instances), but it just came across as lame

  20. This just sounds dead awful, especially for a PPV. I don't mind EY being a surprise champion. Its the blatant rip off of Bryan that stinks. I actually really dig TNA's roster. I like the big guns in Angle, Hardy, MVP and Bully. Shaw, EC3, Anderson and Abyss are just barely watchable. I totally enjoy Beer Money, The Wolves, and Magnus. But the money-man for me is Austin Aries. And I think if given a chance Kenny King would shine.
    But there is just zero direction. Nothing fresh or appealing. Idk who is running this shit, but it is so awful. Idk how this company has survived this latest funk or how they are gonna get out of it.
    I would LOVE an alternative, but TNA ain't it. I think they missed their window to succeed and compete when they loaded up their roster with ECW, WWE, and WCW talent with TNA originals for the Monday night run and totally failed. Stacked roster though at the time, and did SHIT with it. Damn you TNA.

  21. It's tough to have any expectations when nearly every person on the roster has the exact same gimmick: They're incompetent at their jobs.
    How can anybody get excited for a TNA show when TNA keeps telling us week after week that everyone, including the figureheads, suck at their jobs?

  22. Fun fact: The first clean finish to a TNA PPV main event since Genesis 2013 which took place 15 MONTHS AGO!
    Might be the last clean finish too since the chances of TNA making it to next year are between slim and none.

  23. No, he doesn't. Not even remotely.

  24. Do have to agree, the slow-mo on the video package was hilarious.


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