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The Patriot

I was watching the Raw where D-Generation X forms, and I noticed The
Patriot had a pretty big involvement in the show. Is there anyone else
who has ever been more out of place at a certain time in wrestling?
His corny voice, look, and persona screamed 80s jobber, but this guy
was challenging Bret Hart for the WWF Championship in 1997. I know he
was picked because his gimmick fit him well as a representative for
the United States, and it filled time until Bret was ready to drop the
title, but still, so terrible!

​Well, he had a pretty decent run in 1993 WCW and he was a good worker until he destroyed his arm, so I wouldn't say "80s jobber."  He was headlining indies and such before he got to the WWF, but it was really the masked thing was super-cheesy and killed it for me.  If they just brought him as "Patriot" Del Wilkes without the hood and pushed the shit out of him, I think people would have been a lot more accepting.  I can see where the idea was coming from, though.  ​