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Wrestlemania 4


If Honky Tonk Man plays ball in 1988 and agrees to drop the IC title to Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 4, how different do you think things play out?  I believe you mentioned before that Hogan vs. Dibiase in some form was a plan?  I'm thinking you can still get to Hogan-Savage at WM5 easily enough by having WWF Champ Hogan and IC Champ Savage still form the MegaPowers to take on Dibiase & Andre.  Do you think Hogan-Dibiase headlines WM4?  Or did Hogan-Andre II have legs?  I'm assuming that if Savage is winning the IC title from HTM, then there doesn't necessarily have to be the Hogan/Andre/Dibiase shenanigans and title tournament.

​Yeah, I'm not 100% how that would have played out.  I believe the idea was that Savage gets the IC title and Dibiase cheats to win the tournament and then drops the belt to Hogan at Summerslam?   But the logistics of having a heel win at Wrestlemania and not having either Hogan or Savage be the champion during their hottest period are hard to wrap my head around.  

Really, the next time Honky Tonk Man is serving you a burger at McDonalds, you should thank him for making sure '88 didn't suck ass.  ​